Episode-2441- Expert Council Q&A for 5-17-19 — 4 Comments

  1. Jack, you nailed it, on many fronts, don’t let government define anything important, not just Columbus Day, would be my add.


    • Absolutely not just Columbus Day or even days but what anything does and or does not mean to you.

  2. On sleeping well on a hike…

    Having a comfortable pillow helped me immensely.

    Exped and sea to summit have light weight inflatable models.

    I went with the exped because it has loops on the sides.  I tied a length of shock cord to those loops.  Then loop the cord around my sleeping pad to keep the pillow in place at night.



  3. Re: letting gov’t define meaning of a day

    It’s almost the same kind of nonsense with people on Twitter saying not to use the “ok” hand sign because a handful of white nationalists are now using it and trying to make it their own. I honestly don’t remember the last time I ever used that hand sign and don’t care about using it, but the level of conformity and lack of critical thought these people are demonstrating is mind-blowing. Why would one let a handful of racist idiots and some pranksters (who supposedly started the whole thing on 4chan or something) manipulate one’s opinions and behavior so easily? IMO this just encourages more of this nonsense

    Sometimes being an entire continent away from all these twits (both the instigators and the PC sheep) doesn’t seem to be quite far enough