Episode-2661- The Expert Council Show for 5-15-20 — 7 Comments

  1. Jack have you noticed the informal supply chains being created. People buying  meat on the hoof and game processors butchering and then being divided. I suggested that 6 weeks ago in a facebook forum and was saying muw inspections. Now same people are lowding the quality. How many people switch to a new normal.

  2. I’m kind of a fillet knife junkie so I enjoyed that discussion.  I think your response was spot-on, Jack – although I haven’t used an electric personally.  Dexter Russel is a good value suggestion and I see a lot of DR in the meat plants I’m in.

    I gravitate towards the Nordic knives and Marttiini (Normark/Rapala) makes a ton of different models that are inexpensive enough to tempt a collector (and occasional user – mostly AP fish) like me.  Good old Mora also makes some fine value fillet knives.

    My favorite though is my Wood Jewel with a curly birch and reindeer antler handle.  It’s about $45 with a nice leather sheath and will certainly get passed down to the grandkids.

  3. Is it just the iPhone feed but JR’s segment is missing and I was really looking forward to it!

    • Damn it, I will get it reedited today but will run it in mondays show due to the error. This is what happens when children are running amuck during podcast production.

  4. Dexter Russel knives are the standard in all fish houses and commercial seafood processors.  They are cheap and reliable.  The most important aspect in my opinion is the flexibility  of the blade.  Some are super flimsy and some very stiff.

  5. On the solar fence charger, I built my own from a 100w solar panel, a deep cycle marine battery, a 30A mppt charge controller, and a speedrite 2 joule ac/dc fence charger. Now all of these components are severe over kill for my application. But since they are mounted on a fire log cart, it is easy for me to pull up to the house during a power outage and run ceiling fans etc off my 800 watt inverter while my 2500 inverter is running the fridge/freezers. Basically, I turned a one trick pony into a multi-tasker.

  6. Thanks Jack for the Covey quote and discussion! I have struggled with this my whole life and continue to work on it. If you are thinking of new merch, I probably need a dog tag or something with this on it. At least my son gets it as he is a good listener (