Episode-2854- Expert Council Q&A for 4-9-21 — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jack,
    Regarding acid reflux, IMO as Registered Dietitian, a main cause of GERD is obesity, especially when that fat is carried around the trunk and waist, exerting upward pressure on the stomach. Can be individualized regarding food, and I agreed with most of the comments made today by you and the Doc. Just felt it worth mentioning the role of obesity.
    Love your show and would like one of you crew to give me tips on cracking hickory nuts. I love them, have a yard full in the fall, but nearly bled to death trying to harvest them using a vice grip and dental tools. Show me a better way!!

    • I don’t know if it is the main cause but it is a definite cause. I used to get heart burn working and bending over.

      Many might say moving to keto is what changed it, I would agree but say it had far more to do with weight loss than food type. I never used to eat something then have heart burn it would be certain activities that trigger it. Here we are at almost 3PM on a Saturday, I have had a couple lite beers and worked my ass off all day, zero heart burn. Now back go work.

  2. I used to get heart burn a lot. Like wake up twice during the night to eat tums. I’d eat probably 15 a day. I know. Not good. I drink beer. I smoke. While I’m working on those habits I cut down on carbs and the heart burn went away completely. If I eat like shit.. I will get heart burn. Bad. And I mean eating cookies, bread and potatoes. Not spicy stuff. I can eat super spicy food and all kinds of tomato sauce (the things that got blamed before) and it does not affect me if I’m staying low carb. It blew my mind that that was the culprit.

  3. Closing song was amazing, you’ve handed me an artist I was unaware of with a message I can relate to.