Episode-1979- Expert Council Questions and Answers ~ 4-7-17 — 10 Comments

    • See this is why if you need such a think you set your line back 10 feet from the property line so it is internal.

      Just like you don’t install swales you install, “USDA Code 600 Agricultural Terraces”.

      • I tried that, but no. The cross fences have to be approved by the ag extension agent and for them to be approved, they must be consistent with a paddock grazing system.

        I have had a real great experience working with the Delta county NRCS office. They basically throw thousands of dollars at small farmers provided they follow their guidelines, which for the most part make sense.

    • Again it depends, smokes on start up and then settles in, could be as simple as a head gasket, drives down the road low on power constantly smoking, at lease as bad as valve guides. I have seen both, my assertion is not 100% but say 85% of the time accurate.

      • Yea, the white smoke does indicate coolant which could definitely be the head gasket but there was no mention of coolant loss. I’m keying in on the smoke at startup, 50 year old valve guide seals which are common to rot out and I’m betting the smoke is blue. If it is coolant, there should be antifreeze smell to the exhaust.

        Either way, the valve seats are probably not hardened for unleaded gas and since they quit putting Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate in the oil, the cam and lifters will also be prone to wear without the additive. (Thanks EPA)

        The advice about finding another motor is sound. Something like a 73ish 302 or one of my favorites, the 300 straight 6 would work nicely. Now you will need to do your research. This ain’t like Chevy’s of that era. With a Chevy pretty much everything can be swapped around as long as it was big block to big block or small to small. With Ford’s parts are much less interchangeable. We always like to say that the oil in one Ford wouldn’t fit in another. The bell housing bolt pattern will probably be the same but the flywheel will probably need to be changed among other things. One bonus by going to a newer motor is that the chances of finding one with the bracket mounting points for AC goes up drastically.

  1. Last year, buddy and me worked on his Nova. Trying to find a replacement engine for it, we ended up buying a 350 off Amazon. Free shipping right to his house for around 1500. Even picked up old engine,after we boxed it up, for the core charge.

  2. I was traveling with the carnival part of 1979, and bought my second mustang, a 1974 long nosed model for $400. 00. I forgot which mach it was, but it was dark green. My boyfriend and I drove to California in it but I don’t remember how it left my possession. It must not have been traumatic, or else I’d remember it. My first one I bought in 1976, it was a 1965 or 66 for $200.00. That one my X-husband made me sell. I was young and didn’t know I had the power to protest and win.


    I’m happy with my Dodge Dakota Sport for now.

  3. Michael Jordan,

    Question: do you like wireless foundation? I plan to replace the foundation on about 25 frames and have always used foundation with wire embedded into the foundation. My BK mentor always uses wireless as she like to cut the comb with capped honey and sell it whole in 4×4 squares.

    I had the same problem this year. Going into October, I had 3 strong hives and 20 frames of capped honey each. We had a warm spell in February and I think one of the queens ramped up egg laying and they blew out all of their reserves. there was great activity during the warm spell in all of the hives. After that we had a cold spell down to 12 degrees and by the time we warmed up it appeared that there was no activity in this one hive. Upon inspection, I discovered half of the bees dead on the bottom and half head down in the comb. There was plenty of brood in various stages of growth, suspended during the freeze. There was no honey to be found and only a small amount of bee bread left over. 2 weeks ago, my other two hives were booming and I removed the bottom empty boxes and both seem happy. 2 days ago, the swarm I caught last spring, swarmed out and there was no chance to catch them. I had done a walk away split as it was crowded and they were so angry I decided to not stay around too long to do the deep inspection on every frame. They were really hot!
    I will do as you directed and trash the frames with dead larva and I will ordered some foundation. Looking forward to your feedback.

    Thanks to you and Jack for everything.

    Jim in Northern Virginia
    JimM1911A1 on the forum
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    General Class Amateur Radio Operator