Episode-2632- The Expert Council Show for 4-3-20 — 8 Comments

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      • ZEP toilet cleaner is amazing for hard water. Empty the water in the bowl as best you can. Pour in the ZEP and let it set as long as you can. Overnight would work really well. This is an acid. Follow instructions on packaging.

  1. I would love to see some plans on the greenhouse.  Did some google searching and couldn’t find anything with clear plans.

  2. Jack,

    Thanks for the second opinion regarding the housing market. I have to admit the scale of the US spread and recent economic impact from it has me has been bigger than I expected, and I find myself questioning ALL my earlier assumptions. But I suppose whether our family in Denver finds a good bargain on a property or they don’t and just keep holding on to their downpayment cash, either way they should be in a good spot.

    BTW, in renewing their rental contract this spring their landlord went from requiring a 12-month contract extension to ANY contract of their choice between 1 to 12 months at last year’s introductory rent price (instead of the  5-10% yearly increases that have been common in Denver). Sounds like some landlords are getting an idea of the changing conditions.


  3. Is there another/new app for Android? Followed the link to Aptoid and it’s broken. I thought I remembered Jack saying Nicole S. or someone was working on a new one.

  4. I believe monoslope is the word you are looking for to describe your current greenhouse setup.