Episode-1776- Expert Council Q&A for 4-29-16 — 11 Comments

  1. I really like what you did with the closing song today, pretty cool little touch nice flourish.

    The guy with the $40,000 Lexus budget really should buy a second car, because why would a two driver family have one car when they can afford two? You will be very thankful for the second vehicle when the first one breaks down, and you have something to drive before/while it’s in the shop. Get a small pickup, seriously.

  2. I guess the issue is more around the likely deceleration. If a smart car hit my Landcruiser for example it would decelerate a lot more than a larger car.

  3. One comment for Steven Harris re hybrid vehicles and inverters. We have an ’05 Prius, and I can tell you that the 12v battery is tiny. Group 24R, 450 CCA, 575 CA warm, and 225 load test amps. I think the car would be running more than I would like just to keep up. I’ll use my truck to run my inverter, thanks! 🙂

  4. I have a good friend who wrecks cars for a living. I asked him what the safest car was and he replied that ‘momentum wins’.

  5. Good answer Jack on vaccines i agree with you.
    Too many babies, children, families being harmed with something thats never been proven to work. And if they lied about one Vaccine, thats one too many.

  6. Another vaccine topic that was mention was “herd immunity”. Doc Bones inferred that diseases are coming back because less children are getting vaccinated. For one, most adults have not received vaccines or it has been so long since their last vaccination that they would be ineffective in prevention. Many of these children that have actually contracted these diseases are Not the un-vaccinated children, they are fully vaccinated and still contracting the disease/illness. Yet the government schools choose to exile “quarantine” the kids without vaccinations when an outbreak occurs. Granted, I wouldn’t want my kids exposed anyways, but the mentality is warped to say the least.

    White Coat syndrome is real and many parents get pressured into Vaccination schedules that they never intended to do. Is their a Vaccine for that?

    Side note: my kids do not attend government schools

  7. Jack, there is already the option to vote no-confidence. It’s called the write-in you can write whatever you want like. I like to vote for “box of rocks”.