Episode-1994- Expert Council Questions and Answers ~ 4-28-17 — 13 Comments

  1. Zika:
    If your still worried:

    CCW for intense activity:

    Shrouded hammer revolver like the S&W Airweight in a strong side IWB holster in your OFF side front pocket of a pair of cargo shorts. Probably not good for distance running but everything else including mountain biking has not been a problem. I really don’t notice it at all. The transition to a two hand dominant hand grip adds virtually no time for the draw with a little practice.

    When things are up close and personal you really want to have your strong hand free to fight and shoot from tight retention from your off side. I know, it sounds crazy but if you take the time to think about it and train that way it starts making more sense than any of the “conventional” methods.

    • I’m in the Ozarks & I’d like to add my experience.

      Jack was spot on with Autumn Olive as the #1 choice or Black Locust to get quick erosion control.

      I’d like to add that to do it cheaply with more diversity, start in one spot the first year with Jerusalem Artichoke/sunchokes, elderberry, & Comfrey. After the first year, dig up some of the sunchokes & comfrey roots and replant them further along the eroded area. With elderberry, just dig up new green shoots in late March or April and plant those in a new spot to spread & extend the erosion control without spending any more money.

  2. I had the dreaded and much discussed spark blow out in my 5.4L 2v Ford Triton (2001 F-150). I was quoted $1200 to fix it, but bought the tool to fix it myself for $400 and had it done in a few hours. Slick tool and it really wasn’t difficult if you know your way around basic tools.

    Now, I bought the truck with $250k miles on it and it never had a spark plug blow before, so….I don’t know. I got unlucky I guess. Now I have the tool if it ever happens again, or I can sell the tool and still be way ahead of having a stealership do it.

    DIY has saved my thousands and thousands over the years.

    • I am going to have to steal that word “stealership”.

      Recently I was quoted 500+ for repair on my Ford told them to fuck off. Pep Boys did the job for 225. The Ford “stealership” said the part alone was more than that.

      They have a new “automated” system for repair work, you get a text to approve work but NO PRICE until you say yes. I told them I would never do any business with them again because that system was designed to fuck over the average sheeple.

      Lady looks at me says what is a sheeple, I told her to find a mirror. Then Google it, bye!

    • A friend of mine made a shit ton of money doing side jobs repairing these motors of broken spark plugs for unlucky owners. It even worked out better for him because he had free access to the tool.

  3. RE: Concealed Carry while running and exercising.

    I think that a fanny pack is probably the best option. I disagree with Jack on one nuance of his comments: I don’t think they necessarily scream “gun!” at all, especially while working out. If you are concerned about that, avoid camo colors and sew some sort of exercise related patch on the front of it. Something that’s not gun/military/’Merica!!! related. Keep your cellphone in there and run headphone wires from it. The only people that will know it’s a gun bag are people you’re not worried about knowing (other gun-people).

    If you go that route, find something designed to carry a firearm.
    – Something like the now discontinued Camelbak Goblin.
    – Galco Escort Waist Pack
    – HawkePaks Micro Gun Pack

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