Episode-2207- Expert Council Q&A for 4-20-18 — 7 Comments

  1. If you can show a business owner that crypto transactions charge 1% to 0.5% … Vs a traditional merchant account that charges 2.9%.

    That’s a no-brainer. That’s 1.9% – 2.4% more profit.  Even if the Bitcoin price is volatile you can convert to fiat right away, or convert a percentage of it to fiat.  For example with several of the crypto services, you can set a percentage to keep in your Bitcoin wallet and a percentage to convert to fiat and transfer to your bank account.

    BTW Coinpayments that both Nicole Sauce and I use, offers an affiliate program. Contact either of us for a referral link. Or maybe we should sign Jack up so he can use his referral link here 😉

    Other competitiors are

    Go Url

    Stripe used to take Bitcoin but they’re switching due to the volatility. It is predicted that they will accept Stellar Lumens (XLM) because they provided funding to help start that business. (Although they also donated their percentage of ownership so this may be a false prediction.)

    Square is next I think to start accepting crypto.

    Amazon is also in the process of securing crypto domains, filing crypto patents, etc.  So amazon pay may very well accept crypto even if doesn’t… We don’t know yet what Amazon’s plans are.


    Another reason to accept crypto… You can get community support. For example, with GoUrl and CoinPayments you can accept lots of altcoins not just Bitcoin/Litecoin.  For example. With MinerParts we accept Zencash. Zencash is a project I believe in.  I’ve been able to get my site listed on Zencash as being a vendor accepting Zen.  This gives me a lot of credibility in the Zen community.  I have several customers from that community as a direct result even though only a couple have paid in Zen. Some of them don’t want to pay in Zencash, they want to HODL it. But they’re still purchasing from me.

  2. The story on Miami-Dade housing plan for teachers explored a lot of the downsides and shady finances as well as the (hypothetical) advantages. Interesting article. Several of the comments identified other problems. One of he best cracks was, “oh great, my students’ parents will know where I live.”

    But the thing that occurred to me first was all the buildings that went up 100-125 yrs ago to put workers right next to where they worked: we now call them tenements. New England towns have lots of decaying blocks of this kind of mill workers’ housing. How about a chorus of “I owe my soul to the company store”?

    I’m also wondering if young teachers will buy into this because, with later and later maturation, they haven’t yet moved beyond the dormitory phase of life.

    All in all, a dismal picture. And I agree about making not just teachers but every profession into heroes. I think of a social worker whom I know who is constantly posting every meme that makes social workers heroes. Sure, everyone needs a little boost now and then, but Jack is right: what happened to getting most of your satisfaction from the simple knowledge that you are doing your job to the best of your ability?

    • And I agree about making not just teachers but every profession into heroes.”

      Glory, Glory, Aallelujah and AAAAAAAMen!  Preach on sister!

      As to the social worker, I know many people like that, every meme about something applies to them and they want you to know it.

      I think teachers may be one of the sore spots for me because it is so effing over the top all the time and so many people believe it.

      Same thing with cops, “every day they risk their lives”.  Fuck no they don’t!  95% of cops will never even draw their weapon in their careers.

      Here are some facts, garbage and recycling collectors experienced about 34 deaths per 100,000 in 2016 where as LEOs experienced about 14 per 100,000.  Telecom installers (my old profession that got me into tech) are only slightly less likely to die than cops at about 12 per 100,000, did that mean when I ran about 500 miles of cable in one year in Fort Worth, I was a “hero that didn’t wear a cape”.

      Seriously.  Law enforcement is not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs and a garbage man is about 2.2 times more likely to die at work than a cop.  Seen any heroic garbage man memes lately?

      The two most dangerous jobs in America?  Fishing and logging, fishermen die at about 86 per 100,000 a year, or about 6 times the rate of LEOs, and logging, well man, how about 135 per 100,000 workers.  Or about 9.6 times more often than LEOs.  And you know there was that one summer that I worked Topping Trees for Asplunda, may be I should cling to that as my Glory Days, where I did the most dangerous job in America as a teen ager so that your lights, TV and phones would stay on?  Hell I have held two jobs on the top 25 most dangerous jobs.  Where the fuck is my cape and my meme?

      This is pure PR style marketing.  And you will notice if focuses always on people who are paid with TAX PAYER MONEY.  If you look at the list of 25 here, you will find that all but cops and garbage men are workers paid with private money.   Also a lot of those garbage guys are privately employed and frankly garbage service is one service most people don’t gripe about paying for.  Generally you pay a fee even if to the .gov as a line item for this service.

      Cops and teachers and social workers though, that comes from the general theft funds doesn’t it?  So the move is obvious, make them into heroes, make it so that anyone that even infers that they don’t deserve more is a Hitler sympathizer and holocaust denier.

      Oh and how do most cops that die, that do so in the line of duty, some version or other of an auto accident, which is why Taxi drivers are quite close in numbers as well. Guess that means we need some hero Uber Driver memes right?

      • Oh military service is not on the list because it wasn’t considered, if it were it would be quite high at about 95 per 100,000 and a lot of that is not combat related.  It is dangerous work.  That would place it number two in the top 25 list.  So I have done three of the top 15 most dangerous jobs in the world, that’s it I want my memes, my cape and where the fuck is my jet pack?

  3. It took three years after I discovered the root of my autoimmune disorder for it to go away. I didn’t have the benefit of paleo to speed things up.

  4. Here in Oklahoma the teachers that are wealthy enough or retired filed for state office to take over the state government. Because the legislature wouldn’t raise taxes to give them a raise. Not only are they teaching common core, that was voted out by the people now they are going to try raising taxes that was also blocked by the people.
    My idea is to require a vote of the people for elected officials to get a raise.

  5. Interesting that Jack mentions a recession in this podcast.  I think we have been in a recession for the past 2 months.  Were about due its been about 10 years and it just feels kinda like 2007-2008 did.


    I am hoping Jack is wrong about this being worse than the last recession-which in my opinion was a depression.  I am hoping with all the money coming back to the USA from overseas makes this recession less painful, but only time will tell.  I haven’t heard anyone else from the lame stream media say anything about a recession until Jack mentioned it in this podcast.