Episode-1984- Expert Council Questions and Answers ~ 4-14-17 — 8 Comments

  1. I love the expert council shows, but I thought you might do your own take on George Orwell’s 1984.

    Thanks for the heads up on the download.

  2. When asked what he does for a living, Cody replies “YouTube content creator”. YouTube makes up the bulk of wranglerstar’s family income. He makes a little bit off royalties on his book, he gets paid on a per call out basis by the forest service for wildland firefighting, and has a small amazon webstore, but the majority of his income is from his YouTube channels.

    For those who don’t know, royalties on books is nothing unless you are a huge famous author. My sister is an author and her latest book is in the top 5 for it’s genre on Amazon right now, sandwiched in-between H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King. She made less than $1000 last year off royalties, for all 4 of her books.

    I’m sure this YouTube change has hit the Wranglerstar family hard.

  3. I did the research that was suggested about the McMartin preschool child sex scandal and criminal trials. Wiki was convincing as usual, citing print media and “expert” testimony. However, that wasn’t enough to put doubt to rest.

    The prosecution really screwed this up badly with a blatantly unacceptable interviewing protocol that was badly misused on many of the children, suggesting the prosecution could have been part of the cover-up. Furthermore, the tunnels alleged by the children were later found by carbon dating to have been constructed in 1968 along with the daycare center (what daycare center needs a system of tunnels?).

    Presidio (San Francisco) and Franklin (Nebraska) cover-ups are the other two “child sex scandals” of that era, and Franklin was documented in a book where it is revealed that this case too, was killed by resorting to witness intimidation of the child victims by the system itself – threats to put at least the teen-age witnesses, in prison for perjury.

    Here is a resource that was helpful in documenting the McMartin preschool cases:

  4. Thanks Chef Keith for answering my question about good quality non stick induction pans! I appreciate the advice. Those Swiss Diamond pans sure have a Swiss price tag on them. I am a little concerned about the longevity of the coating, given the cost. For that price I’d kind of like to have them last longer than I do. I know my cast iron pans will outlast me and they only cost a fraction of this one. On the other hand, I have bought two swiss made Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers that were not cheap either, and they were worth every penny. Maybe I’ll wait for Jack to review the Swiss Diamond pans first 😉 but if they are really that good, I’ll probably get one in the end. I sure am tempted. The pan you suggested looks perfect for making proper pasta.

  5. Hogs, night vision and thermal imaging:

    Before you trap live hogs and transport them, check your local laws. Here in Florida, you must have a permit to transport live wild hogs.

    When using head mounted monocular NVG’s and a weapon mounted laser, wear the NVG’s on your non-dominate eye. When it’s dark, the non-dominate eye will be dominate, your brain will instantly default to the eye with vision. As soon as the lights come on your dominate eye can go directly to the regular sighting system. Also, don’t think that you can just put on a set of NVS’s and walk around in the dark normally. You lose all of your depth perception and peripheral vision including the ground where you are about to step. You’ve got to keep your head moving and “feel the ground.” Plan on about 40 hours of wearing them before you are really comfortable moving around. The way I like to set up my laser is on the side rail. Zero it it so the vertical impact is equal to the optic at 100 meters and the horizontal the same as the distance from the center line of your bore to the center of your beam, keep that plane parallel. This will allow your trajectory to remain the same and the bullet will hit the same distance to the right or left (depending on which side your laser is on) regardless of the range. You will know that your bullet will always hit say, 2 1/4″ to the right. It’s much better than having intersecting trajectories on two planes.

    I love thermal but it has one major drawback for hog hunting. While target acquisition is much better with thermal, target identification is substantially inferior. You could easily mistake a deer or dog for a pig with all but the absolute top of the line thermals at anything other than close range. Its also a good idea to let your local LEO’s know when you will be doing this, better yet, stop a deputy that works your area tell him your plan and invite him to come on the hunt with you.

  6. In reply to the YouTube ads problems, your discussion about diversifying your income streams is spot on and a lesson that a lot of content producers need to understand.

    What I didn’t hear was a discussion about the disconnect between corporate image officer and reality that will cause more future pain as well. That disconnect being what is actually being bought with targeted advertising, the channel that got the revenue from the advertising or the customer watching the advertising? The answer is the second. As a content producer, your success in getting advertisement revenue is largely dependent on how conducive to advertising your audience is not necessarily it’s size, within some obvious limits. I don’t remember if Thuderf00t specifically covers that last point in this video,, where he discusses the corporate knee-jerk reaction stupidity made pretty clearly evident by this event. However, I do know from discussions by several youtube channels that any factor which reduces the ad conversion rate of your channel overall does have a definite impact on your monetization ability. To the point where a couple of channels, instead of taking the Patreon or similar route just put up a video basically saying if you are going to use an adblocker don’t bother watching them.

    Anyway, I thought that this would add some further information about the interconnectedness of this topic to some other trends going on in the YouTube advertiser world.

  7. Special thanks to Erica for turning a benign fermentation question into a solid educational experience.

    For others interested, the kitchen scale I’ve been using didn’t have the tolerance to measure the weight of salt so I would weigh cabbage and measure salt by volume: 800 grams to 1 Tbs of finely ground salt is what I was using.

    In the interest of continuously improving, I recently purchased the KD8000 kitchen scale in the hopes that it will have appropriate low range tolerance.

    Also, Jack’s mentioned this before, but I am fermenting exclusively with Pink Himalayan salt and suspect it’s a large part of my delicious results. I’m going to buy a bag from for my next batch.

    One other question that’s been on my mind, which I’ll open up to you guys, is the mechanism behind why sauerkraut calls for about 3 weeks fermentation time, and other recipes, like the salsa referenced, call for about 4 days?