Episode-2203- Expert Council Q&A for 4-13-18 — 7 Comments

  1. Additional comment on tractor safety, respect the moving PTO shaft. Stay clear while it’s running and do not step over or under it… clothing or hair touching it will immediately become caught up. The PTO and its associated shafts and universal joints are a common cause of incidents and injury.

  2. Re: Ohmann,
    I researched this extensively during the outcry over the Florida shooting and compared with CDC numbers. I don’t have the data YET, but I saw the decline in over all crime rates per capita, but in line with yesterday’s interview, there’s been an increase in criminalizing “everyday choices”. And of course, the incarceration rate in Colorado still trends steadily upwards according to DOJ numbers. So I’ll still agree, it’s too early and definitely too hard to say for sure.

  3. Not quite right about alcohol causing crime as you described.  Liquor stores some times do cluster because the government crams them in one place. But most of the time, liquor stores cluster in low income seedy parts of the city because that is where the customers are.

    Here in Kentucky you can buy anything at Krogers, Distillery, stop and shops, etc.  But we still have areas that cluster liquor stores.  They tend to be the same places check cashing places cluster, smoke shops cluster, car title/pawn shops cluster. Low income high crime areas.  You don’t find whino’s out at the corner store in the suburbs, because they can’t get their fix/funding there. It lacks enough people.  No law requires panhandlers and whino’s to cluster down town but they do because that is where they can make money.

    Does alcohol cause crime by simply drinking it? no. But alcohol does fuel local property crime, vandalism, and assaults. In low income areas it is often an underlying factor when I show up to 911 calls.

  4. Thanks for answering my question about the backed up wicking bed Jack.

    Before I actually heard the episode, I took a “grabber tool” that I have with my automotive tools. You know, it has 4 talon-like claws, a flex handle and a plunger on the end to open and close the claws so you can pick up shot that falls in tight spots. I stuck that down in there and took out one big ass clump of roots, then sent it down a few more times and spun it to get a bunch more of the roots out. Flowing awesome again. Just another option for others with the same problem.

    Since this is my first aquaponics deal I never thought to spin the inlet pipe as well as the media excluder. Now I know.

    Black Hawk, CO

    • I think I know the exact tool you mean but can you link to one, I’d like to put this on today’s show.

  5. FYI, I tried mining using a satellite internet connection and it worked great.  Nice small data packets.  🙂  However, we quickly found out our computer is a weak link…  🙁 I learned a lot but only mine sporadically now.

    I would avoid Etherium or other coin that has frequent large downloads if using a service with data limits.  I mean we hit our data limits when we get a Windows update.  1 gig every four days!?!  Terrifying!!!