Episode-2179- Expert Council Q&A for 3-9-18 — 11 Comments

  1. Fruit flies near berry bushes… I agree on the humming birds. Plant bee balm. It spreads like mint (same general family) smells like thyme, is slightly less agressive than mint, and the birds wont eat the berries.

  2. Jack, if you like Bohemian Rhapsody, and I believe you said you like physics, check out Bohemian Gravity,  It is amazing.

  3. Great segment on trompes. Does anyone know how to keep a spring head charged with uphill swales? Specifically, how far up hill and and details on where to put the swales to make sure the underground water envelope is at the right spot to keep the spring constantly charged?

  4. Anyone else having trouble finding info about the trombe system? I’m trying to look it up so i can get a good visualization of how it looks and works, but I’m only getting the wall thing coming up. Any links to a page that has photos and images would be helpful. Thank you!

  5. The “Badass Latina” article was a good lesson in the mass-mind vs. true social equity.

    The source seems to be as lame as “Yahoo!” News….and on the same reptilian-brained mental plain, which a majority of first-world countries are also on.

    Probably ain’t gonna happen…though it would be amusing if it did.

  6. The trompe is intriguing.  I’d never heard of one, but the concept makes sense.

    One would not need a cliff face to run it.  Many old waterwheels were run on fairly flat ground using an aquaduct type system as a headrace (often with a dam/pond) to elevate the water.  Yes, it still flowed downhill, but not as fast as the land did. 

    Plastics make this simpler though…  Think of Salatin’s ponds up on the mountain that supply “high” pressure water through irrigation pipe/tubing.  A similar setup could have enough pressure to raise the water at the end of the pipe without elevating the whole length.  Only need 43.3 PSI (well under pipe burst pressure) to get the water up to 100’ plus a little extra for friction loss in the pipe (dependent on flow and pipe diameter).  One would still need 100 something feet of elevation change from start to end, but tied to a pond and there is compressed air on demand…