Episode-2174- Expert Council Q&A for 3-2-18 — 12 Comments

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  1. James – I use google play on android – in case that is relevant 🙂

  2. My experience of local government is very different from Nicole’s, and as such it might be helpful to hear also. I am employed in a very, very part-time capacity by my local government, mostly for documentation specific to my state. I might be just lucky, but no one on the governing board (the Village Board) sees him/herself as a “ruler,” and everything about local government is on a user-friendly website. You might be lucky, too; check out your municipality.

    Again, in my situation, I am the person people sometimes ask about how local government works. A specific question is always welcome, but to be honest, and with all respect, a general question such as Nicole described (“tell me how the budget works”) might already be verging on a**hole, because I’d be thinking “why are you wasting my time instead of looking it up?” I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and point them to the website, but remember, someone who values his/her time is not necessarily a tinpot tyrant or giving you the brush-off. A lot of local government is basically volunteer for smaller municipalities.

    So how do you find stuff out without a ton of work? I think the very best starter might be to call your municipal clerk (if you live in a town, you want your town clerk) and ask “do I need a permit for a home occupation and if so what do I do?” You will not only learn how the permit system works, specifically and generally,you will also learn a lot about the people you’d be working with if you did get involved.

    To get to know the county government, look up the Planning Department, call the number and ask “do you have any resources for beginning farmers [or businesses, or whatever] and who would I talk to about that?” In my county, it’s a very helpful and cheerful lady who is a delight to talk to.

    Finally, look up when meetings take place in your municipality and go to one. They are open and the minutes should be posted later. Just observe. It’s not as boring as you’d think, and one bit of knowledge/observation will lead to another.

    I agree with both Nicole and Jack that we all need good, knowledgeable people to be involved in our communities in all kinds of ways.

  3. To the person asking about reducing the tax footprint with overseas job –

    One thing to plan for is the ACA health insurance mandate and any tax penalties you might owe from that.  Being out of the country only exempts you from the mandate if you qualify under pretty much the same rules for foreign earned income exclusion, so if you’re only gone part of the year you’re STILL on the hook for being covered during those months you’re gone (totally ridiculous and something I learned the hard way last April). And since you said you wouldn’t qualify, you want to plan out what you’ll be doing for health insurance, if any, while abroad.  Either see if you already have or can move to an ACA-approved plan that offers some coverage in the country you’ll be in, or look to see if there’s some other ACA mandate exemption you might qualify for. Or if those are no go then just plan accordingly for that tax hit.  The only other thing I can add is explore with your tax attorney / CPA about maximizing 401k/IRA contributions to the tax deferred limit for the year(s) involved (maybe HSA plans too).  Depending on your new work situation, that might be something you’ll need to do BEFORE starting the new job.

    Nothing quite like living abroad to help one see how much the politicians and high-level gov’t bureaucrats view the American people as serfs and tax cows to be perpetually milked.  If you’re an American, you could live on the moon selling trinkets to Chinese tourists on SpaceX moon tours and those chowderheads would STILL demand you file a return.

  4. Jack I have the PAR rifle it’s a great little firearm takes AR mags . Controls are very similar magazine release and the safety are AR. Flash Hider/muzzle break and pistol grip can be changed out very easily with AR parts as well as the stock. Works very well with a suppressor . Number one reason to get one is it drives the Liberals out of their minds

  5. My method for cooking poultry always works like a charm.  (The kids and I love crispy skin.) You can either use an upright roaster or you can cut out the back bone.

    Now, there are a couple assumptions here.  First, I’m assuming that your poultry has been allowed to come to room temperature.  And second, I’m assuming that your poultry is dry to the touch.  I’ve even been known to use a paper towel to take excess moisture off chicken skin.

    So anyway, put your chicken into a 500-degree oven for 15min.  Then turn the oven down to 325 and cook it ’til the meat reaches an internal temp of 165F.  (I use a remote probe thermometer for this.) The chicken ALWAYS comes out with crispy skin and wingtips, and the meat is deliciously tender.

    And yes, I’ve even done this successfully with duck.  (I used my upright chicken roaster for that too.)

  6. I didn’t get around to digging up my horse raddish last fall. Can it be dug up in spring to ferment or should I wait till fall?

    • You can pretty much dig horse radish at any time, just want to be sure you have firm roots when you do.  Mind you save enough to replant and you are good to go.


      • Cool. Thanks. Of course we are getting a winter storm tonight in PA so will have to wait longer. Dang groundhog.

  7. I am a type 07 FFL/Firearms Manufacturer in Idaho. You probably know something I don’t on the issue but I would recommend becoming a type 07 and not a curio and relic licensee this way you have all the doors open to you besides class 3 which you have to pay $500 a year to sell and acquire class 3 items. As a licensed FFL you will get wholesale pricing on your firearms purchases many wholesalers do not deal directly with C&R licensees.

    Thank you and good luck,