Episode-1969- Expert Council Q and A for Saint Pat’s Day — 15 Comments

  1. Something I am confused about is that I have often read and heard that drying laundry indoors in winter can cause respiratory problems because of the high humidity it causes which can cause lung infections. How can it be then that steam ( which is also high humidity can cure respiratory problems). How can the two be true, am I missing something?

  2. Jack,

    I bought two pair of these. My Brother a professionally trained Chef, thinks this Product R O C K S!!!!!, Thanks for you dol

  3. Iowa Lawmaker Wants Home Checks for Homeschoolers: This comment is a non-issue, since the Senator making the proposal is in the minority party, with the majority holding both houses of the legislature and the governorship. It does, however, reflect the opinion of his party.

    • That can change with the next election, so homeschoolers need to remain vigilant and try to change minds.

  4. Labels printed with an Epson Printer using they’re Dura Bright inks are the most durable printer inks. They do not run! I’ve used them for my designs for years, even in the rain.

  5. The first time I heard about exogenous ketones (BHB) was when I read about the ONR (Office of Naval Research) funding a study involving ketones to forestall oxygen poisoning. This is a problem for Navy Seals when using their closed system breathing apparatus. My initial reaction was why not just eat bacon and eggs? Research into the roll of ketones in any number of chronic diseases appears to be taking off, everything from cancer to diabetes to neurological diseases; it works 50% of the time for epilepsy and has been used for a century. And research has started to pick up into ketosis and sports nutrition. The likely target is an endurance sport – it preserves the glycogen and up regulates the fat metabolism. This works for me, but it may not work for you.

    If you are thinking about taking the easy route, I don’t recommend it. Beta hydroxybuterate comes in two optical isomers, but your body only produces one type. If you think the manufacturers of this crap even consider what they are selling you, you would probably be wrong. If you think you can benefit from nutritional ketosis, just eat bacon and eggs.

  6. Investing in a 401K with limited options – John Pugliano

    I understand the caller wanted options, what I don’t understand is why so many are married (especially these listeners) to the idea of a Government Partnership where you put up all the capital, you take on all the risk and they get 1/2 the profits. Sounds like a shitty deal to me, not to mention the high fees that cost returns both inside the plan, and inside the mutual funds that the plan holds. Oh and in every other investment you gains are taxed at the investment rate except for government partnerships (401K’s, IRA’s, etc) where your gains are taxed at income.

    I know that John loves the stockmarket, good for him. From what I understand more millionaires are created by Real Estate or Businesses.

    How about instead of investing in the stock market learn to start a business (like Jack talks about a lot) where you get to take full advantage of the IRS tax code. Forget the stupid match (which just pays your taxes anyhow) and run as fast as you can away from it.

    Oh and don’t get me started on the other government partnerships. You guys sure seem to love these things where they make all the rules and allows you to have advantages. You trust that Roth huh, just wait I’m sure someone jackwagon in Washington will see that people have made too much tax free money and figure out a way to change said rules.

    Keep on with it.

    I’ll take private contracts between two parties, I’ll invest in things I have “Control” over.

  7. Why there is a war on freedom, follow up to Mike and Sue – Jack

    This was so awesome, think I’m going to break this out and share with people Mike and Sue did a great job, Jack you did too!

    I’m sure more of my so called “teacher friends” will not like this.

  8. Star Spangled Banner – Jimmy Hendrix

    Jack, did you come up with the narrative on this or read it somewhere? I’ve heard this many times but now have a new found appreciation. I spent 4+ years in the 101st Air Assault Screaming Eagle Band as a sax player. I’ve always loved the idea that I have that connection with him as well as being Anti-war. (I know it’s stupid I’m in the military and anti-war)

  9. For marking the sides of larger (1gal +) nursery pots, I’ve had good luck using one of those big yellow crayons they use for marking tires. They’re pretty cheap and the wax stays on pretty well as long as you put it on thick to start with. After about a year or so they’ll fade a little, but you should probably be potting up things before a year is up anyhow.

  10. Erica,

    I am making my first Kombucha today. Thanks for talking about this.

    Jim in Northern Virginia

  11. I’m just now getting around to listening to this episode, and I’m sorry it took me so long to get here! I LOVE kombucha. So do my kids. Mine doesn’t cost $4/bottle, but at about $2.75/bottle, it’s still pretty pricey.

    I’ve considered making my own, but I really like the flavored stuff that I get at my local Kroger. Since I can’t see to tell if there’s mother in the kombucha, I’m wondering if anyone can suggest any specific brands that meet Erica’s requirements. Also, how do you make the fancy flavored ones? Anyone have a resource to share with me?