Episode-2184- Expert Council Q&A for 3-16-18 — 14 Comments

  1. ETCH ( is an awesome idea.  In the US pay is often every two weeks while in the EU it can be only once a month.  That can hurt if you are a lower wage worker needing income.

    ETCH can deliver real-time streaming income by the minute worked to your debit card.  You could take a job in the morning with no money in your pocket but have enough on your card to buy lunch at lunchtime and enough to bring food home to your family by the end of the day.


    • Also trying to find the life stages book. Can’t find the one he mentioned specifically.

  2. Re: Politics
    I started getting involved by showing up to my local volunteer fire department board meetings and hoa meetings. Since i have a pulse, I also got ‘volunteered’ to be firefighter. Now, I spend a lot of time going to meetings with county, state, and federal officials as a member of the local emergency planning committee. I’ve had some good conversations with some county officials, and I’m starting to see my influence developing just by being a familiar face. While i don’t spend any time rubbing elbows with county commissioners (yet), I’m confident that i could get their ears if i needed them. I have a ways to go, but I’m plugging in. 😉

  3. Mike makes a valuable point. The best way to get involved and the only way to be heard is to contribute. Show up at meetings. Volunteer some skill or just willingness.

  4. Hey guys I am in the process of building an off grid homestead and learning a lot from the Amish.
    I am currently installing an air compressor windmill that will fill old 500 gallon propane tanks as a battery. The compressed air will be used to pump my 200ft well, make electricity and power unlimited types of pneumatic converted tools. The Amish have everything converted from electricity to air. From wash machines to chop saws.
    When it’s all up and running I’ll update the community.
    Anyone have any questions feel free to reach out to me
    Dennis Alan
    City Boy Homesteader on YouTube

    • All I can say on that is it is standard practice to feed crickets fish food flake to gut load them with nutrients when feeding to reptiles, so something is likely lacking.

      That said one thing I am doing this year over my main tanks is hanging a bug zapper on a timer to go on one hour before dark and stay on about 2 hours after, sort of the same school of thought but less work.

  5. Mike and Sue –

    The personality conflict I mentioned is not about the issue of homeschooling; I’ve agreed to back her on the school thing, and I can see his pace of language adoption and his adaptation to the initial adversity is doing well by him.  The personality conflict is with the dynamic between my son and wife, and the same pattern of conflict seems to occur when she helps him with his homework as it did when we were homeschooling.  Unfortunately, in recent months the scope of the conflict has grown and I can now see there is more behind this (it’s best I just leave it at that here).

    Anyway, in the meantime we’ve got his grandmother helping him with his Mongolian language homework and myself helping with his Math homework (thankfully he’d progressed far in Math in last year’s homeschooling so no catch up was required).  Anyway, thank you for the Five Love Languages book recommendation; I’ve got the ebook now and will try to persuade my wife to read it after I’ve read it.  I admit it really doesn’t sound like my kind of book, but I promise to give it a chance.  🙂

  6. Hey Nick, the 5 love languages wasn’t Michael’s kind of book when he was younger but as you get older you learn there are things to think about outside what you tend to gravitate toward.

    I’d recommend you reading the book and putting things into practice rather than asking your wife to read it 🙂 Then once you begin changing your response it can lead to your spouse changing also. It’s easy to think your life would be better if your spouse would change but ironically when you change it changes the people around you!

  7. @mike — it will grow, but so will the attempts to derail you from your principles. 😀