Episode-2387- Expert Council Q&A for 2-22-19 — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Jack,

    Thanks for all you do.

    On artificial sweeteners, there is reason the brand “Equal” is not allowed in jails/prisons.

    It is flammable, if wrapped with strike anywhere matches, and those get ignited, the “Equal” will ‘Flash burn”.

    Great shows over the years, keep getting S***/S***** done.

    Thanks again.

  2. I have observed over the years that most people who do night work tend to have brittle nails of which the ends tend to flake, crack etc.

    I also observed that when people develop ‘spoon’ nails which either excessively curve up or curve down at the ends then the person over all has some other health problems.

    Similarly I think I noticed that people with regular fungus infections on their finger nails also have other health problems.

    (Just my own statistical observation on people I know and have worked with over the years)



  3. Regarding adding air to an aquaponics system, it can be done with no power using a venturi.

    Everytime my ebb/flow beds cycle, the water going thru the return pipe will draw air thru a venturi I have added to the end of the pipe, just before the water hits the sump tank.

    If anyone has questions, I can send photos and information.

    • True but that is not without power, something has to move the water.