Episode-2169- Expert Council Q&A for 2-22-18 — 6 Comments

  1. Steve Harris mentioned “nelson lights”.  Anyone have a link to see what they look like?



  2. Goat issue:  Sounds like hoof rot.  This is gross, but get in there and smell the hoof.  Hard to describe, but if it makes you gag WAY more than dirt manure, then that’s it.  There may be puss.  Can commonly happen in conjuction with trimming. Especially this time of year when ground is muddy/wet.

    I’ve only had one that has had this and did not successfully treat it.
    🙁  Got to hit it fast and hard and repeat for several days at least. Also get them on dry ground if at all possible while healing.

    Also quarantine your goats from your sheep.

  3. Another issue to consider with the sprinter is that parts and service are at a mercedes dealer. One reason I went withal transit.