Episode-2165- Expert Council Q&A for 2-16-18 — 28 Comments

  1. Ironic that the ideas and values of survival are what your shows are about, and then you present this cashless society /  New World Order agenda stuff.     Loosing credibility with this kind of program.  I feel  badly for all the links I sent to others touting your show.

    • You really do talk like a man with a paper asshole.  Cryptocurrency is the most anarchist movement of the modern age.  Go shove your tin hat up your fucking ass moron.

  2. Hey Jack.

    Would you mind pulling your closing segment (on teen suicide) out as standalone content – on YouTube or whatever?

    I’d really like to share this particular topic with a lot of folks and get them straight to it.


  3. I cringed a bit when hearing Dr. Bones describe injections and scalpels when describing traditional treatments for bursitis. Not to sound like an evangelist, but I really wish more medical advisors (and preppers) would take a serious look at DMSO. My aging mother used to suffer from bursitis for many months at a time. Now when it flares up, she uses a rollon dmso daily. The flareup subsides within 2 weeks and the time between recurrence seems to be getting longer. She only uses it only long to get relief and then stops. Less time suffering also means less time complaining amd more productivity too. 🙂 I personally have used it off and on for 25 yrs. for a few different complaints including: arthritis, muscle and back pain, to dissolve sebaceous cyst, to treat a torn MCL in my knee, and for a sprained ankle to name a few.

    DMSO is cheap (even pharma grade), and as a sulphur molecule is an anti-inflammatory, a free radical scavenger, and easily transports water across the cell membrane. It has a very low LD50 toxocity rating. It’s history and uses in sports medicine and veterinary/farm medicine are long and well documented. It’s even used to store organs for transplant.

    Few “medicines” are 100% effective or safe for everyone, I am not a doctor and I can only speak for my own family’s use over the last few decades. It does need to be used safely, but for those interested, please do your own DMSO research. See or read the book “DMSO Natures Healer” by Dr. Morton Walker. I hope this might help someone who reads this.

    Thanks for letting me offer an alternative viewpoint, and thanks again for all you and your expert panel do for the community!

    • I agree though I can’t speak to DMSO having never used it. There are many alternatives though. My Army Doctor insisted I needed surgery for my shoulder, when I was 19, I am now 45 and I do have shoulder issues but nothing like what I had at that time. Still no surgery but the man insisted I “needed it”. I’d of spoken about this a bit but just had a hard time even getting though this week.

      • How did you hurt your shoulder Jack ?
        My theory for healing shoulder injuries (assuming it is not a major injury) is loads of rest, loads of patience (a few years) and loads of externally applied comfrey.

    • One caution I heard about DMSO is that it will pull other chemicals through your skin with it, so do be careful about that. Showing my musical tastes as a kid, I can’t help but remember the Dead Kennedy’s song about it. “DMSO, crypto wonder drug in vogue….”

  4. Another good option to try is CBD oil based creams and salves. I have been using this in conjunction with vaping CBD oil for chronic pain related to injuries and I have found it to work really well. Just my two cents 🙂

  5. Closing segment
    I wonder how many of these incidents stem from insulating our youth from the pains of failure and dissapointment.

  6. I am curious why Garry Collins mentioned vegetables in particular as a most risky food to buy at street markets in oversees work.

    I would have thought that meat and fish and maybe dairy or eggs would be much higher risk from a street market.

    I would have thought that vegetables once washed and cooked would be a fairly safe bet ?

  7. Michael, both are risky, but most people in host or working in a different country usually know better to buy meat, dairy or eggs in an open street market. What I have witnessed is they think the fruits and vegetables are safe or safer and end up getting sick. Our rule was no ice in drinks, only bottled water and drinks and eat in reputable restaurants or hotels that had been vetted. Like I said it is not that all the food is bad a lot of it has to do with us not being used to the microbes in a foreign countries foods, especially in open market settings.

  8. I hope everyone goes to crypto gulch on YouTube to get more instruction on the questions. Once in a paper wallet it depends on what coin you have to transfer out on the wallet choice. I’ve heard of many trying to pull out Bitcoin into a mew wallet which is for ETH tokens. You will loose your coin this way and they do not tell you not to do this in most places online. Bitcoin and litecoin need Bitcoin wallets like lite for litecoin and for Bitcoin . This crypto space is riddled which what I call skips meaning information left out unintentionally by the YouTube video makers. New people struggle with these skips of info or they loose coins. 2 years later I’m still learning.

    • Lost some content in my last post .
      Pulling out of paper wallets is easy with jaxx wallet app but make sure jaxx accepts your coin or token first. is for ETH and ETH tokens.

  9. When Ben Fitts was talking about a dedicated PC for storing crypto data and making crypto transactions, which sounds like what you want is a “Live PC”, i.e. a USB hard drive that contains a complete bootable OS.  The idea being you get a SSD USB drive and install a complete bootable OS on it.  This could be Linux or whatever, though Linux, OpenBSD or “Tails” are more secure.  You would then plug the drive in before you turn your PC on, boot to the OS on the drive and have a “different” PC just for crypto tasks.   I would suggest a SSD based USB instead of just a USB stick for safety.  But if you are really worried, this seems like the way to go.  Then when you are not using it, keep it in a fireproof safe.

    • Hey wow that’s a great idea. I was thinking a $200 WalMart PC but I like this idea. Would be cool to hear Ben’s thoughts on this.

  10. I agree.  Host Gator has gone to crap.  I use Site Ground.  I also hate WP, so many plugins, so vulnerable.  My website got hacked beyond repair because of a bad plugin.

  11. Aloha Jack – requesting those links that Nicole said that she would send in her response. Thanks!

  12. Ok apparently I’m on a roll this morning with several comments. Listener since 2010 if not before, but first time (I think) commenter. Should have sent this earlier and meant to. Jack, the new mobile site rocks. It’s everything I had hoped the iOS app would be. Appreciate the work for those of us who consume most of our comment mobile.

  13. I know people who work longterm overseas.  The three best tricks for food in rough locales.

    1.  Put a bunch of food in recloseable barrels and put the barrels in with the household items being moved.  Lot’s of freeze dried/dehydrated veggies & meals.

    2.  Pack your suitcase inside a second empty suitcase “home” on vacation time.  Fill it with meat and icepacks before flying back.

    3.  Amazon prime works if govt related and they have canned bacon.  🙂

  14. Toby Simpson’s pig analysis is spot on.  We used to have 100 sows on dirt and sold feeders and butcher pigs.

    All I can add is that Mark Shepard grows out feeders and they go to freezer camp in early winter after eating fruit drops etc.  He does not overwinter them to my knowledge.

    For no input 5-10 acres per hog may have enough roots and such to work… maybe…