Episode-2164- Expert Council Q&A for 2-15-18 — 13 Comments

  1. I thought your take on school shootings was pretty spot on. I hope you don’t mind, but I shared your Facebook post around.

    Who knows, maybe it will start a conversation.

  2. Brilliant analysis of the school shooting.
    It also occued to me that maybe the reason for so much of the problems with teenagers in school is that they system is teaching the kids the wrong stuff in the wrong way.

    • Not really, but kind of sort of may be.

      What kind of pea?  Young ones still in an edible pod?  That would be a yes or no depending on who you ask.

      I would say yes in daily living no in the initial 60-90 days of hard core elimination.  Others would say a legume is a legume so no, some would say if you spout them yes but if you don’t no.

      In general unless I am on a hard core run I eat green beans, edible pod peas, etc so long as the seed component is underdeveloped.   But I refrain from actual peas or beans other than a few times a year.  Like the annual bowl of split pea and ham and bacon soup, black eyeds at new years, etc.


  3. Jack, if no one has requested it yet, it be great if you could clip that end part about the mental health issue for your youtube channel. It’s so perfect and I’d like to share just that with others that I can’t seem to get thru to. My posts always devolve into gun debates regardless how hard I try to talk about the actual issue at hand. Thx!
    P.s. love the show, blah blah lifetime member blah blah blah. 🙂

  4. Jack, your segment at the end is what everyone needs to hear. Well said, and thank you sir.

    My high school years were split up between a huge school where it was easy to be left out of the cliques and what not and a very small school where you knew everyone. Not saying the latter was perfect, but looking back, I can see the difference. Add 15 years from my time to the unnecessary doping of kids and cell phones and the pattern makes sense. I see groups of kids waiting for the bus on my morning commute, all to themselves, alone, phone in hand and ear’s plugged with buds beats or whatever they are now. It’s sad when I think of the good and questionable times we had together when our only common interest was to wait for and ride a bus together twice a day, and they’re missing out. Social on media, but not with the person standing right there.

    On a better note, what a great talent Chris Stapleton is! First time I heard him was with his former band, The Steeldrivers on a Johnny Cash Pandora channel. I was blown away from his first verse and continue to be. Both albums with the band are phenomenal, and if you’re into something more rocking, there’s his side project, the Jompson Brothers featuring another deep song called “Barely Alive.” (Listening now) Enjoy!

  5. The schools here in Ulaanbaatar actually stayed closed almost 3 extra weeks for the winter break citing increased local flu activity, something I have a hard time seeing my son’s old school in Denver ever doing (all about filling those seats, right?).  I’ll give my wife full credit and admit the school is doing wonders for improving our son’s local language skills, but damn am I sick (no pun intended) of having him in that germ incubator.  The discussion on school shootings and teen suicide isn’t helping my feelings about the school either; there aren’t school shootings or a high degree of suicide, but I can see some of the toxic elements (bullying, emphasis on authority, rote memorization) are still there.

    Regarding the school shooting/violence/suicide issue, perhaps the best approach is to spend less energy/time arguing that topic and more energy/time discussing and promoting the alternatives to traditional schooling.  Jack already pointed out how the narrative is being twisted and being made mostly about gun control on one hand or armed security at schools on the other… just like with politics, anyone trying to argue a 3rd solution to that debate is likely to be ignored, marginalized, and attacked by both elements promoting that false dichotomy.  Most schools seem a near total loss anyway, so what harm in changing up the rules to the game and putting the status quo in a less favorable, reactive sort of position?

  6. A contrarian view on 6 acres, or “How to learn to love sheep”.

    6 acres allows for a breeding flock of sheep.  Really can only handle finishing cattle.  Impractical for cow/calf unless maybe renting a bull.

    Sheep will gain faster and often give twins giving higher rate of return on both.  Hair sheep especially will eat a wider range of forage than cows.

    Sheep require less infrastructure.  Smaller catch pens.  Try giving a cow a vaccination without a chute.  🙂  Not to bad with a sheep.  Sheep can be moved in an improvised cage on small flatbed trailer behind any vehicle.  I’ll pull 10 goats on a 4×8 flatbed with cage built from cattle panels behind my minivan.  Wouldn’t dare haul one cow that way.  IE, cows will need a trailer and something big enough to pull it.

    If you don’t like eating lamb, it can be traded.

    I like raising cattle.  The above info is why I learned to love my goat herd as well.  (Goats and sheep being “the same but different man”.)  🙂

    If you go with cows, make sure they are tame.  They don’t have to eat out of your hand, but a rowdy cow can do a lot of damage to you an equipment.  We work our 30 cows with barely a word and get right in the pen with them.

    In any case, look up a “tumble bug” to move round bales with.  That way a truck or tractor is not needed and you save $ over square bales.