Episode-2600- The Expert Council Show for 2-14-20 — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Jack, great show.

    You mentioned no till farming leading to reductions in herbicide use in grain farming. It could be different in the USA but where I live no till farmers spray herbicide all the time. They don’t have GMO crops and grow a lot of barley and wheat. Both of these crops are sprayed several times during the growing season with something like 2-4D.

    Some farmers also spray their wind rows right before they are baled to make them last longer. I had a massive garden failure from using oat straw, it killed almost everything once I started watering.

    No-till massively increased herbicide usage as it is now the only tool they use for weed management. I lived on one of these farms for 18 months and had to leave due to the constant herbicide drift I could smell almost daily

  2. For the person with the boxer w allergies..

    try raw quail eggs. They’re hypoallergenic and beneficial in many other ways. Moon valley who brought quail to the show cured his dogs problems and I’ve heard other similar claims.

    • Condensing? I do not think that word means what you think it means. Also who are you talking to?

  3. Jack, I agree with you on the CBD labeling, but am afraid that you might have lost Kelly as an expert counsel member with that not so tactful response to her.  Perhaps a personal call to make sure the relationship can continue?

    • If that is the case, so be it, I highly doubt it though. My EC members are adults, we can disagree and be okay about it.

  4. On straw for mulch, my understanding is that a common part of the harvesting process is to spray it with herbicide; non GMO, no till, whatever…

    In the case of farming wheat for wheat-berry production, not all plants mature at the same time for mechanical harvest so farmers spray the wheat plants with an herbicide (poison the plant) to help trigger the plants survival response.  The plant’s last ditch effort to survive is to produce as many seeds (berries) as possible all at once.  Farmers can then maximize their harvest on time, mechanically, efficiently.  The wheat straw left over is cut and baled for additional revenue stream.
    Does this not happen anymore?

    It’s been postulated that this “spray poison at harvest” technique for wheat may be a reason why so many people tend to have perceived gluten intolerance, and not the gluten itself.  I’m not suggesting the people with full blown legit celiac disease here to be clear, just people that think they may have gluten intolerance issues.

    I don’t remember exactly what they spray but it may be less of an issue with mulch because I think it breaks down under UV light.

    food for thought.

    • The entire spraying with roundup prior to harvest thing does happen, it is also NOT COMMON. Another one of the things I believed, tried to prove and failed to be able to do so.

  5. I don’t have any proof that it is “common”, but every time that I’ve driven through wheat country over the past several years I have either seen the spray rigs in the fields, or their tracks in the ready to harvest wheat.  This has been at times close to harvest, of course.

    On a related note.  Jack, have you looked into the work of Dr. Zach Bush?  I’ve found it to be quite interesting and wonder about your thoughts on it.

    Thanks for all you do.