Episode-1950- Expert Council Q&A for 2-10-17 — 18 Comments

  1. For the man in PA considering mountainous property: if he is in the Northern Tier of PA, a.k.a. the Endless Mountains, at about mid-state, Ithaca NY is not far over the state line. There is a very thriving permaculture community there; try Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute. Akiva Silver, who was in the PermaEthos series, is in that area, and I can tell you his tree nursery/homestead is plenty steep. Might be worth a drive for your questioner. Btw, Ben Falk doesn’t have sheep at this point (unless he got some after a hiatus).
    Best wishes to Alex Shrugged: I hope for your speedy recovery!

    • Thank you Linda. We are actually closer to southeastern PA, and we are looking to move south towards southern VA and Northern NC.

  2. I believe a “pincher” movement is something that happens on a crowded subway. A pincer, now….

  3. Hi Jack, Just a though on automatic and gear shift cars. I live in Western Europe and work in the mechanical end of the motor trade, I have never saw an automatic car or automatic pick yet, Europeans don,t buy them much. I think the reason is that because the Eu and national governments have so much control over our lives people like to compensate by having a feeling of control over their cars, hence stick shift ! I think google cars will have a very slow pickup in Europe.

  4. Truly a beautiful song for 1950 as you said. However, I’m seeing a big downside coming down the road with continuing with playing the most popular song of the year. One word: “Macarena” 😉

    Can’t say I’m looking forward to the disco years either (at least I was too little to remember anything from that time). Perhaps when we get to the 70’s (or at minimum before we reach 1996 lol), you can change it up and pick one of your favorite songs from that year. Or maybe we have the audience vote on one?

    • Nope Macaena came out in 93,

      Number One Hit of 93 – I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (remix by UB40)

      Number One Hit of 94 – The Sign – Ace of Base

      Number One of 95 – Gansta’s Paradise – Coolio

      That horrid song never got to number one for any year, despite invading dance clubs for almost 10 years, including fing country bars. Watching a ton of “Cowgirls” and a few odd wanna be “Cowboys” doing the Macrena was a horrible part of the 90s in Texas.

    • Huh, the billboard number one list I saw showed it as number one for 1996. I guess the original came out a few years earlier but ’96 was when the remix version emerged and it hit peak popularity (it was the song that made me stop listening to the radio for many years afterward). Anyway, I’ll be happy to be wrong and go with your list if it means we get to avoid it.
      (though I have to say the visual of tipsy Texan cowgirls/cowboys dancing the Macarena sounds like it would be extremely funny to watch… only thing funnier might be if you replaced them with Goth kids. Ah… the 90’s 😉

        • Maybe this is like kicking a guy when he’s down, but I looked further and found that Cher’s “Believe” was number one for 1999.

          The horror…..

        • What sucks is in this time frame, some years, I can’t even find one song in the top 10 I am willing to play. I never knew music sucked so bad in these years, I was too busy working my ass off and listening to stuff from the 60s-80s.

        • And that Cher song, oh fuck, Dorothy was in a phase of working out by jumping on one of those mini trampolines at one time. She had some mix tape made up and that was the first song on it. Every evening she’d go up stairs an I’d hear that annoying song and bouncing! Out to the garden!

  5. I think Nick got his Locusts mixed up. The guy was asking about Black Locust. What Nick described sounds more like Honey Locust.

    Honey Locust: Sounds sweet, but actually a stabby death tree. (Think Honey Badger; bitey death critter) Named Honey Locust as the seed pods are somewhat sweet. (My goats love them.) Possible Nitrogen fixer. Ok lumber.

    Black Locust: Small barbs, mostly in the crown. More like rose thorns, but fewer thorns and straight. Known Nitrogen fixer. Rot resistant. Good honey tree for bees. Valuable as posts and lumber. Would be a huge timber species, but it is attacked by pests and rarely gets large before dieing and being successed by mid succession trees.

    • Nope he knows the difference, Nick and I are both fans of Black Locust, I do think his concerns were a bit over the top but it is a school and kids and litigation and on and on.

    • I’ve never seen a black locust thorn that would pierce a tractor tire, but we only have a couple patches of them on the farm, and they are kind of tucked away, so maybe I just haven’t seen enough of them to know. Or maybe the Southern heat makes them orney. LOL. I’m in MO.

      I know Honey Locust cold. Honey Locust = flat tires on tractors and skid steers. We’ve been cutting many for firewood and lumber to release the Oak, Walnut, and Hickory. We fell and leave them lay 2 years. Then the thorns give up the fight and mostly snap instead of stab. Just have to make sure it was a clean felling cut and no bark still attached to the stump which the juvenile (7-14″ ish) ones like to do.

      • It is a school not a farm, think “lawn tractors”.

        Nick and I know all about Honey Locusts we watched a bush hog get three flat tires in one day dealing with a field where young ones were coming up.

        • Very true. Neither make sense for a school.

          That sucks on the flats. Been there. We’re still debating going foam filled with the skid steer tires. It sees a lot of Honey Locust cleaning fencerows that have too many years deferred maintenance.