Episode-2128- Expert Council Q&A for 12-8-17 — 5 Comments

  1. I hate being the grammar nazi, but the minergate image on the right side of your page has an extremely obvious and embarrassing mis-spelling.

    • lol..  I’m totally cool with it man.  ;]

      With that said… I just realized I should have sent that typo message more privately through email.  I apologize for that.  It wasn’t my intention to insult you.

  2. We have a heat pump that uses ambient air. We are in AZ in the high desert so the winters aren’t too bad, maybe 15 degrees will be the coldest and only for maybe a week max. But it came with the air conditioning, so, might as well use it. And then we can take out the floor board heating. Floor board heaters seem to be on or off so they get pretty hot. They can be nice to sit over during a cold day. But the A/C units we put in are for each room in the house so we get the same advantages of of zoned heating/cooling as the floor boards, but it does both for us. Yes, expensive but better than a swamp cooler – especially when it gets hot and humid for 6 weeks.

  3. Does anyone (including Dan or course) have any precedent citations regarding the las on end of traffic stop prior to request for search?