Episode-2341- Expert Council Q&A for 12-7-18 — 9 Comments

  1. Regarding the fluid pump for changing transmission oil. You can just loosen the pan bolt about 1/4″ all around. Then, break one corner loose with your drain pan under it. CAUTION stand back a bit and EXPECT to get oil all over the place–you can clean it up. Now if you plan to change it again in the future, you can install a drain plug in the pan for that eventuality.

    I have done exactly this myself.



  2. Another option for GMRS comms is Midland’s new series of radios. Their new series of radios are dedicated to the GMRS frequencies and they even have one radio that pushes 40 watt. It is the MXT 400 which you are going $249 for on Amazon. However, this series of radios are primary designed for vehicle mount or base station.  Hope this helps.



    • Jake,

      The MXT 400 is the very radio I bought for the base station radio at camp. I actually got it cheaper on Midlands webpage during cyber Monday. It was 25% off.

      Thnx, Jeremie

      • I have a couple of their GXT1059P handheld radios (bubble pack). They are a little better than the cheap models, for one they are waterproof and they transmit at 3 watts in the GMRS frequencies. Paired with one of the MXT series radios and they come in pretty darn handing.

  3. Here is a great inexpensive option for that radio question. And I agree with Tim 1st try better antennas and go max watts allowed. If that doesn’t work than maybe try this simple repeater

    I have one and they work great but just remember it is simplex so you will hear your transmission repeated after you release the key. It is just basically a box that is hooked to another handheld on top of a hill or mountain that records the transmission coming in, then waits a second and opens up that same radio and re broadcasts it. It’s only $90 and then just get a Baofeng UV 5R ($27) and you are in business. It also has a function to leave messages that can be retrieved by DTMF tones


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