Episode-2571- The Expert Council Show for 12-20-19 — 4 Comments

  1. I knew none of the “techniques” that police and courts use when I was a kid, (20 years old), had never even had a traffic ticket before, so I ended up doing three years in prison for something I didn’t do because a girls boyfriend got mad at me, and his mom was head of Child Protective Services in the County. Plus I had all my human rights stripped away for a minimum of ten years, so thats fun.

  2. I’ve had police lie to me as well, several times during traffic stops. One was for going too slow, but when I told the officer it was so I could pull over and give him the left lane, he then switched to the ‘swerving into the fog line’ tactic (yeah, it’s well known trick to justify stop and talks). I even asked him to explain to me what a fog line was, because I had never heard of it. Though some net sleuthing about DUI and traffic law cases certainly illuminated me to this particular trick they like to use.

    The other time was an officer claimed he caught me doing 75 in a 55. At that time of night, driving home from work is like doing a drivers ed test. You have to have all your checklist items checked off across the board – I even usually drive home with my hands at 10 and 2 o’clock, like they teach you in school. Even then, there’s still a good chance some outback JP is gonna come down hard with the ‘slow it down or go tall before the man!’ vibe. I never do anything over 60 in that area, certainly not at night with just me and Barneys out on the road.

    In neither case was evidence provided, and in neither case was I cited or fined. These were nothing more than stretches of truth in order to get bored cops a justification to see what I was up to, because under the law that itself isn’t probable cause. These guys are trained to stretch the truth, sometimes even break the law itself, in order to ‘get the bad guys.’ There’s plenty of good cops out there, but that’s like saying there’s murderers who regret their actions. The bad cops are now starting to outnumber the good ones, and if the good ones don’t start growing a pair and fighting back against the bad ones, then it will just be reason number 253 why the Republic is on the downside of a very long hill.