Episode-2350- Expert Council Q&A for 12-20-18 — 1 Comment

  1. Regarding the Ruger American rifle, another good caliber option is also .300 Blackout.  They will still use AR magazines, and they have good sectional density with a heavy bullet compared to x39.  .300 BO is relatively easily available, Dunham’s Sporting Goods and Walmart both near me carry .300 BO.  I don’t know the laws in Pennsylvania regarding suppressors, but it’s a caliber that suppresses well.

    Regarding 7.62×39 ammo availablity, while I agree that the ammo will likely be available for a long time, I wouldn’t wait to start stocking some.  It used to be x54R was everywhere dirt cheap, but I haven’t seen spam cans around in more than five years.  5.45×39 used to be a pretty cheap round, but import restrictions made it dry up.  It’s unlikely that the US and Russia start slinging nukes and all trade stops, but more likely is the US preventing more coming in, like what happened with Norinco guns and ammo.