Episode-1909- Expert Council Q&A for 12-2-16 — 6 Comments

  1. Jack, thank you so much for passing my question to Geoff, whom thanks to you, I got to do a online PDC in 2014 with him. In any case, I think Geoff’s recommendation is spot on given my situation. Since I asked the question, I have walked the property at least 10 times closely looking at improvements that I can make as well as getting the weeds under check. It is reassuring that I sort of arrived at the same conclusion as Geoff’s recommendation.

    My plans are to cross fence in 4 pads, each 15 acres roughly, each with a pond inside, and run the cows about 2 weeks per pad and then brushhog after I move them. A full cycle will have me back in Pad 1 in 8 weeks.

    At this time, with my distance involved, I don’t trust electrical fences, so I’ll go with barbed wire and T-post. Plus, the NRCS funds 80% of cross fences but only if they’re permanent, not electrical.

    Thanks for all you do. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. With Universal Basic Income, the one thing no-one seems to talk about is that government will need to track and monitor each citizen so that they aren’t paying a second income to an individual who doesn’t really exist for it to work properly. Without incredibly intensive monitoring of one way or the other by the Government, how would you stop people from claiming two, three, or more incomes via fake identities?

    And once we are reliant on a UBI, what’s to stop future Government to require citizens to meet certain conditions in order to continue to receive benefits?

    Doesn’t UBI just allow Government to increase their control over the people they are meant to serve?

  3. Monty Python is the best! Thanks for that post Jack.

    As far as UBI, I can’t think of a better way to promote anarcho-capitalism then this. Remove the impediment for people to do what their heart leads and man a lot more risk taking can happen.

    Risk taking is a PURE capitalist endeavor. Your analogy of Brian is perfect. He had his basic shit covered so he was able to take a risk. And lo and behold many more people are now benefitting from it.

  4. I have to agree with you on one point I think the UBI would lead to a migration back to the small towns and to be frank an increase in the amount of money in those small towns. I don’t see people just laying around and doing nothing as you pointed out assistance is easy to get on. The only person I ever saw do something like that. Was one friend of mine who wasn’t working anyway he couldn’t hold down a job for more then 2 months he finally got on disability. So not working anyway. Even if I wasn’t working I’d have something on the go. Let me put it this way does anyone have no hobbies or pass times in your world. Everyone I know has other things they are doing it’s crazy to think people would just sit around and do nothing.

  5. What was the author/book Ben Falk recommended? I’d written down Julia (?)-Levy but searches on that tend to pull up an actress, not a vet.

    It was the book he spoke of regarding care of livestock

  6. Who would live in NYC if they didn’t have to? Well, more people move in to NYC than leave. Hence why rents keep going up. Big cities like NYC have an allure, an folks strive to get there and stay there. I can’t tell you how many young folks I knew who came from out of state and just “lived it up” even though it was bad for their long-term mental, physical, and financial health. They didn’t care. They worked hard, often at thankless jobs, and partied hard to cope.
    I was one of the exceptions who left. I think it was because I was born and largely raised there. For me, the grass was greener on the other side. So I left. Sometimes I miss the “high-end” lifestyle, but then I look at my eight month old son playing in the grass and remember that here, there is green grass.