Episode-1697- Expert Council Q&A for 12-18-15 — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Jack. I got a chuckle out of the song today–hadn’t heard it in ages. The name of the group is pronounced “duh yoopers” (rhymes with hoopers). “Yooper” refers to residents of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We call it the U. P. or Yoop for short. The Upper and Lower Peninsulas are linked by the Mackinaw Bridge. People in the U.P. often refer to those that live in the Lower Peninsula as”trolls” because they live under the bridge and steal money–like in the “Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Merry Christmas from Nancy in Michigan.

    • I agree with ChickenWhisperer22, its a funny song, and it is pronounced as “you-pers”. Sometimes it is pronounced as “oo-per”, depends on how heavy the accent is, and what part of Michigan you’re from. I think I knew guys like that when I grew up in Michigan. btw I was a troll.

      • I’m way behind in episodes but I laughed so hard when Jack mentioned “Second Week of Deer Camp”. I figured someone would have already corrected the pronounciation. I am a troll too. From Northeast Michigan. I love hunting and fishing. My favorite though is hunting squirrels.

        If you like that song Jack, you need to listen to their other song. “Terdy point buck”.
        Thanks for all you do Jack.

  2. WRT the deep concealment question.

    The caller should try to carry his Glock 27 in the recommended thunderwear/smart carry/Galco belly band/PT-One. I think he’d be surprised how well it conceals. The S&W Shield and Walther PPS are also good options with similar ergonomics.

    David S.

  3. Hey Jack I had to report you to the sheriff for firing your gun near my home. Sorry about that buddy but we can’t have scofflaws living here ’bouts. Peace, pardner.

    • Hi coward you live no where near me and if you did you’d not admit it because we all know you are a weak ass coward who only follows me due to your homoerotic obsession with me.

      Unlike your country this nation by the way is free, and were I live I can shoot with no worries about the police being called, but you’d not know that as you are too dumb to comprehend such things.

      Franky my actual neighbors and I shoot together quite often, though we shoot on their property because it more suitable for target practice. Again I am sorry that you have a 5 year long obsession with me, it is sad really, I keep telling you I am quite happily married and strait.

      Please find yourself a suitable mate, and enjoy what you can of your pathetic life.

      Note to Onlookers – Neighbor is actually Gerald Stef Mueller thought that is not his real name. He is a coward obsessed with climate change, he has been doing this shit now for at least five years. He hides in the shadows, recently I have turned the tables and began a constant email harassment of him. Perhaps I should publish his fake email, I am sure we could render it quite useless. But for now, I shall continue to taunt him on my own.

  4. It’s dangerous, when confused by a study, to extrapolate and imply that most scientific studies are of questionable validity. Even worse, then, to go on and question the scientific method, which is the best method we have for making rational decisions. Believing whatever you want is fine for religious purposes or for issues of little consequence. Otherwise, we probably should follow the science. Most scientific studies are just meant to be a piece of a puzzle, and are intended to help create the larger picture. Sure, some studies are faulty. You usually don’t hear about the much larger body of studies that are well done and helpful, because they aren’t usually controversial and so get little media attention. When a study is confusing it’s usually not the fault of scientists. More often than not the media or those with a political agenda (on the right as often as on the left) intentionally (or unintentionally) oversimplify the results the study, extrapolate beyond what the study was intended to do or misinterpret a study’s conclusion. Either to generate the controversy that boosts the bottom line of media, or to advance a political agenda. And a person certainly should not bash a study if they’re only getting hearsay about what the results of a particular study are.

  5. Jack, I love MJ and all of his advice and stories. As a third year Beek, I expect to be using this advice in the spring. To echo his advice, the best splits I have done came from the formula for a 5 frame nuc – 2 outside frames capped honey, next 2 inner frames capped brood, 1 center frame mixed eggs and larva.

    Joining the local beekeepers association is the best way to keep in touch for buying and selling local stock. We have a local group on facebook which is spanning 4 counties in Northern Virginia. If you can, inspect the nuc box in advance of paying $150 as it could prevent getting a nice bunch of hive beetles which can kill a weak colony.

    It might sound counter Anarchist, but I found the best nucs from sellers who requested that the state bee inspector looked at and granted the bright green sticker of approval. Getting the State inspector to approve of your nucs and hives will guarantee more sales.

    I hope to sell my first nuc or two this year and will ask $150 and would negotiate in exchange for frames with new foundation or drawn comb on them.

  6. It’s pronounced YOU-perz. Upper peninsula Michiganders are called YOU-perz. Watch the movie Escanaba in da Moonlight for more details. 🙂

  7. Regarding the “jump box” I carry in my trunk: It is about a $60 unit from Sam’s Club. In addition to the jump start capability, it has a compressor, and a goofy little LED light. No, it won’t power my home, but…. I was off work over the Christmas holiday. I didn’t drive my car for a couple of weeks. I was headed to the airport at 4am. When I went out to the car, I found I had a low tire.

    It was about 25 degrees out. Instead of dragging hoses from the air compressor in the shop, I just connected the portable compressor I keep in the trunk. After a couple of minutes, I was on the road. Obviously, I will need to get the tire fixed, but at the time, I just need to get to the airport.

    It was still dark when I got to the airport, and I turned on the dome light to check my travel docs before I left the car. Apparently, I left the dome light on. I know this because when I returned a week later, the car battery was dead. Once I started it with the jump box, the dome light came on.

    I have jumper cables, but standing in a dark parking garage with the hood up and cables in your hand is not my first choice. My choice was to quickly start the car and head out to a tire shop.

    I know this sounds like a manufactured story for a commercial, but it is a true recounting of my trip to Vegas last week. It is not a light Sabre. It won’t last for ever (my last one croaked after 5 years). However, the utility and redundancy I get for $60 bucks is worth it to me.

    Over and out.