Episode-2346- Expert Council Q&A for 12-14-18 — 4 Comments

  1. Re: Crypto update and mining

    When the price dropped below $90 I had it figured my relatively low electricity expense would finally be more than the mining rewards. But with the mining difficulty dropping substantially over the past month or so and some miners shutting down operations for a while, I’m receiving mining awards significantly faster (so I’m still in the black, if barely). Something for small miners to consider perhaps, at least those who can afford to pay the electric bill from other sources and are willing to sit and hold their mining rewards. I think this may turn out to be a good opportunity for some of us to get the most out of our equipment, if that makes sense? At least if we pick the right crypto to mine… 😛

  2. Fairly good explanation of the hash war drama considering all the bs flying around.  One mistake I noticed is the statement that it is about the digital contract functionality.  Craig Wright was decidedly pro digital contract functionality in bitcoin and I have heard him say so in past interviews dating back to fall 2017.  His opinion on this topic only changed a couple months ago after the current drama had been prepared for and instigated.  Meaning it is just an excuse added on to many in order to help get more support.  Much like slavery was added to the reasons for the Civil War just so Lincoln could drum up support.

    Due to the incoherent logics being provided as reasons for this, many suspect that the real motivation is as an attack on bitcoin from the federal reserve banking system and/or CIA type organizations.  Calvin doesn’t seem like the type to blow his whole fortune on such a gamble if he isn’t getting it covered by someone else’s funds.

    It would be wise of all of us involved in any of the crypto currencies to keep an eye on this.  As Satoshi had written quite a bit about, there are no real financial gains for nchain/coingeek to have reacted with a hash war.  Within the realm of crypto these kind of actions by a miner hurt the miner as well.  I think there must be outside influences and motivations.

    Vin Armani has had some really good discussions on this topic in the last few youtube videos that he has put up.

  3. Very interesting talk on finding purpose. Your take on children as purpose is particularly interesting. I am an older millennial (34), and if I have children, I will be around 50 years old. They are not purpose. I have a greater purpose than children, even relationally.

    I think the issue is that many people-of all ages-superficially place purpose in material things, and ridiculous career/job titles and ladders via superficial self-importance. Our current society reflects that and doesn’t help in having humans realize what they are truly here for (hint: it’s not the puritan ideal of work). I think the best way to help folks find out their meaning of life, and ultimate purpose, is to get them to connect their mind-body-soul to the Universe at large; and that can mean anything to realizing their connection to the Earth, and its place in the Universe, or even to the overall relation in existence of humanity and fellow person. All sorts of avenues can be realized in that concept.

    Waking up from the matrix can be progressed among the masses with this kinda take.

    As usual, great show!

    • Just going to say I don’t think you can understand the purpose children bring to your life until you have them. You can think you do, but trust me you don’t. With grandkids it is much the same, you think being a parent you already know, but being a grandfather is different in a very wonderful way then being a father. The beauty is you get to be both.