Episode-1901- Expert Council Q&A for 11-18-16 — 4 Comments

  1. I love the LR18650, I get the Orbtronic PCB’s. I’m in Canada, and these are expensive for me, but I love them. Stay away from Ultrafire and Surefire, they are garbage

  2. Steven, I have one set of Grey and white Ultralast rechargeable 123’s a friend gave me (He owns a battery shop up here). And I have them running a Streamlight Scorpion. I get about 30 minutes run time on a charge. The batteries say 3v and I just put them in the charger, so I’m not sure what the finishing voltage will be. I will post later when they are charged

  3. Regarding the question about wetlands in Alaska. Don’t be fooled by the romantic term “wetland”. I live on wetlands on the Kenai and can tell you that a lot of it is worthless. The soil here is a lot of glacial silt bound together with clay. With the high amount of precipitation we get it leads to a lot of standing water in the warm months and frozen soil in the cold months. We also have a high level of naturally occurring arsenic. All of this leads to land that is perpetually waterlogged and anerobic, so much so that native vegetation has a hard time growing. I would love to see someone try chanampas since I have a chunk of land that I have thought about doing that on, but I don’t think it will work. If you got the time and money to expierment go for it, but just remember, a septic tank that is under water does not work. It’s probably better to find a smaller chunk of land that is dry. The window between frozen seasons is pretty short and you would be amazed at what needs to be done during that time in order to make it through the frozen season. I’m not trying to discourage you because I’d love to see some more like minded folks in the community, I’m just trying to save you a buck or two.
    Phil from Alaska