Episode-2115- Expert Council Q&A for 11-17-17 — 20 Comments

  1. Your assessment of physicians is right on!! It’s no wonder medical errors are perhaps the leading killer in the U.S. We’re monumentally more likely to be killed by a deadly doc than by a drunk driver. Where are the mothers against deadly doctors?

    I interviewed John James, Ph.D., and in true statist form he is trying to get laws passed to protect patients. I asked him to instead consider the need to repeal laws that are protecting the medical cartel.

  2. Is there some kind of repository of all of the individual topics from each of the call in and/or feedback episodes with tagging for various subjects ie business, homesteading, permaculture, firearms, investing, etc… I would love to be able to listen to all of the individual discussions on, say, bitcoin for example in one place. Asking for a friend :p

    • Corey,
      Hey I have used to search bar up in the upper right hand corner with pretty decent results as far as weeding things out to get to a specific topic. As far as specifically just listener feedback or expert council shows, not sure if you can limit on search results of a specific term to just those episodes. Now I do see you said “bitcoin” and I know there is plenty of discussion on this show about this topic not associated with me, BUT if you want all of just questions I have answered on the show, which are all cryptocurrency related then you can go here: This page is dedicated to just questions I answer for TSP, just scroll down and find the description and/or episode number of that show and follow the links. I even put a little note next to each one telling you exactly where I am in each show, so if you want to skip to my response you can. Hope this helps, have a good day.

      • Brandon,

        Thank you for your input regarding crypto currencies on the Survival Podcast Show. I have been dabbling in crypto for about a year now and things keep getting more interesting. I have a question. I’ve heard Jack say in his shows that Bitcoin will mathematically come to a grinding halt around the 25,000 price level. I follow many in the crypto space and have never heard this. Do you agree? do you have a reference and explanation as to why this is so? Thanks!

      • Weird, I want to reply to Matt, but there is no “reply” tab for him or jack on this thread.  Anyway really really hard to say where a top could be correlated to price or marketcap because so many people that own BTC  are hodlers and not really using it as a currency and thus not causing any velocity which would clog up the block cap space. To be honest when Core decided they would commit to off chain scaling and went ahead with SegWit I started to lose faith a little of BTC being a decent world currency. This is just my humble opinion, and a minority one at that. I am just not convinced that Lightning will work when scaled to even 10,000,000 users let along 100,000,000 or higher. And then I found out that THAT was part of the plan and that BTC is no longer road map of global currency, but more of a off chain settlement store of value commodity. I am excited for the prospects of BCH, I just fell like its the Bitcoin I signed up for back in 2013. I too am a little worried of centralization and understand the complaints from the small blockers camp. BUT I am also worried of centralization on the BTC chain as well. As I see it, lightning network is a 2 way pegged bi directional channel system that will mesh and have bigger hubs. These hubs can also be pressure points of financial discrimination which is what I fear. You see if BTC becomes unusable without lightning because fees get too damn high, which they already are imo ($4 avg) then you will be forced into lightning which is no longer P2P. I want P2P period. I dont want ANYONE to have any say about passing my transaction along. So I just think its worth the risk to scale on chain, and now. This was the plan in the beginning.


        Now I also think BTC/Core is centralized in dev camp too. Its heavily influenced/managed by Blockstream, maybe this is just what happens I guess. Maybe this will happen every time we create a “decentralized” community.  Now I also believe that part of why some alts have done so well is because BTC has failed to keep up with space as demand has increased. This I know has led teams, businesses, and projects to move to or start their own chains to be able to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish within a reasonable scope as far as viable/affordable usability. Another reason of the rise of alts is also obviously innovation beyond Bitcoin which has provided value or at least a perceived value for now to the global market.

        So which one will get beyond 25k 1st? My money is still on BTC because of network effect and most devs for now. BUT I would not be surprised if in 2-3 years we see the rise of BCH in terms of devs, and market integration. I would not be surprised if we see that lightning network isn’t as grand as they said and BCH is chugging along, stable with sub $1 fees still 5 -10 years later, making it truly a global, economical viable P2P digital cash system.

        What bothers me the most about all of this is the trolling coming from the BTC/Core/Blockstream side of things. I must say I really feel let down. I looked up to a lot of these guys for years and now I think they are like angry teenagers with no class. Makes me wonder if its just their lack of emotional maturity OR if they really are afraid of BCH and deep inside know that it just might work better. THERE IS NO NEED FOR THE TROLLING, LET THE MARKET DECIDE. It almost reminds me of Trump/Brexit kind of thing. I will say I didnt vote for Trump BUT I almost want too in 2020 just because I am so sick of the blue team and all of their frantic frothing lunatic dribble. Yep, that might be the only reason why I vote for Trump in 2020, just to kick the blue’s in the gonads 1 more time. So I sort of see BCH like Trump.

        Anyway for these reasons and more I am still holding a wide portfolio. I think as we go forward we might see some tremendous surprises, so I will play a wide hand. I will lose a few but chances are 1 will be the big ticket. I stilll think the heard has not even shown up yet. I dont know anyone in my city who uses BTC and we are over 11k. I hear the heard coming closer every day. When it gets here I think we will see up swings that will make any stock market look like a funny little kids game. But there will be blood too, lots of it. Looking forward to a wild next couple of years.

        To everyone’s success, I raise my glass.

        • Brandon I have come around big time to BTCs approach. It is still a private system but the best seem to rise to the top in such systems. Core also is the most conservative of all crypto, I think this is why confidence remains. Vin Armani was singing the praises of bitcion cash at my work shop, basically saying it was over for bitcoin. I just smiled, laughed and shook my head. BTC had dropped into the 5K range and BCH had more than doubled. That lasted about 48 hours.

          I actually do not have a problem with BTC sitting as a reserve, it makes a lot of sense. Such a reserve stabilizes the space and gives people a place to go other than fiat for safety. It doens’t bother me at all that people don’t want to spend BTC but prefer to hold it, that is called a community of savers and investors vs. spenders and borrowers.

          If you want a payment currency honestly litecoin is the best I have seen at this time and it is just a btc fork with some modifications including lightning. I moved some litecoin to Jaxx last week it was there faster than I could switch back to the jaxx app from the coinbase one.

          Thing is there is NOTHING litecoin can do that bitcoin can’t do if core decides it is necessary. Have you listened to this, that cat, Jaun Galt made more sense to me than just about any other person I have heard speak on this subject.

          On BTC vs BCH as an investor, I don’t even care, I got free BCH in the split, it jumped over 600 right away so I sold it, BTC went up, BCH went down, I bought back the exact same amount and kept the difference in BTC. If either “goes to the moon”, I am holding both.

          I think people are in general too impatient with bitcoin core, major changes to the largest, first and most successful crypto should take time. The more I think about that, the more sense it makes to me. I am also learning the “massive fees” is really an over played concern. It isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. If it was I don’t think BTC would be sitting over 12K right now. Lastly my target for BTC in 2018 is 25-45K, I will be shocked honestly if it doesn’t break 30K That Galt guy is calling 40K, I think he knows his shit.

  3. On the blood pressure, also you often need to take into account having just driven to the appointment. Having to drive an hour in DFW rush hour traffic is going to get the BP up (quite) a bit, maybe for an hour or two.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the new high blood pressure standards. It’s a big old pile of stinky bullshit. They want your money and they don’t care if they have to step over your dead body to get it.

  5. Excellent point on how capitalism has mutated in some instances from filling needs to inventing them. This resulted in cars, houses, cities etc. that have features we don’t need and can’t afford. This is remedied by corporate America lobbying for laws that make their products mandatory, and for those who can’t afford them just simply tax the “rich”.

  6. On boosting energy levels

    Eating plants high in nitrates(arugula and most other leafy greens, beet juice, celery, do a search) may help, and may also improve your blood pressure.

  7. I admit my trust for the drug pushing doctors is at an all time low. They almost killed me when I was in my late 30s. Finally We gave up on each other after several thousand dollars in insurance claims. It is all about money.

  8. For husking Black Walnuts, if there is a buying station nearby, many of them will hull them for you for about $5 per hundred pounds, it’s fast, and they put them in “onion” sacks for you.  The only downsides would be the keep the husks and waiting in line.

    A corn sheller works good to, but I realize not everyone has antique farm machinery sitting around.  😉  Ours is still an old hand cranked one!

    For drying, I’ve always used the “cool dry dark” place for 4-8 weeks.

  9. To truely point out the stupidity of the government recomendations, note that the article Jack linked mentions that 120/80 OR LOWER is considered normal. Last I checked 0/0 is lower than 120/80, so according to the government dead is normal.

    For anyone interested, I have a facebook group discussing health and nutrition subjects (I am a chiropractor) and put up an article on this subject months ago linked below.


  10. I really really want to thank Geoff and Jack for their perspective on being an agent of change.  I’m quite behind on the show so didn’t listen until a friend mentioned it after I shared my news.

    After 13+ years at Pio—er, a half dozen in veterinary vaccine research, a couple with D-P–nt grains, and several GPS field/soil nutrient mapping prior to that, I put in my two weeks notice Monday to go FT with permaculture landscaping and consulting.

    I feel I have made some contributions both ways – sharing knowledge and influence inwards, and what trends are coming down the pipe to homesteading and permaculture circles.  I’ve taken the “nasty” money, even if I didn’t live as Spartan as I could have, and invested into the business. At this point I feel I’ve done about all I can from the inside. Although I don’t think so yet, one of my design customers has called me a “rock star in their eyes” so maybe one day I’ll have that fully covered Geoff 😉

    Jack, I’ll send you an email of where I’ve been through all this.  Appreciate the kick in the pants to actually start doing it several years ago!!!