Episode-2105- Expert Council Q&A for 10-26-17 — 5 Comments

  1. Deep breath… IT’S Thursday Thursday Thursday, time for the monster truck show of the week.

    *screech* whoops…

  2. Wait… What? I’m recording my answer in a second… It is Thursday right? *twilight zone music*

    Ahhhh, just listened! Great! I’m dealing with the same kind of garbage as you Jack. Now I’ll have a few days to get over it so I won’t sound so zoned out. Hope you feel better soon man.

  3. Food Quality/ Filth levels Search for the Late Great George Carlin. Great podcast as always, like the change up.
    Well worth the $50.00 a year. Please,Please keep this going. Jack, you R O C K ! ! !
    Thanks for all that you do and how well you are still doing it.

    • Im off my game this week and left it out, it will be in todays show coming soon.