Episode-2754- The Expert Council Show for 10-16-20 — 17 Comments

  1. In regards to social media platforms, I’ve found that MeWe is a much better community for me than Facebook. Being on Facebook for a while makes me angry. Being on MeWe makes me feel more like a part of something and more productive.

  2. ”None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

    if a man thinks he’s free, in what way is he not?

    • I don’t know what meds or diet you were on for a couple weeks, but you should go back to whatever it was. You’re back to spewing idiocy again.

      • “if a man thinks he is free, in what way is he not?”

        “in reality”

        you’ll have to be more specific – by “reality” do you mean the way you yourself think he should be free?

        • Their is freedom and not freedom as tangible reality. Just because you “think” you are free doesn’t mean you are actually free. That is called being delusional or perhaps brainwashed. Conversely, you can also think you are not free — but in reality be free. That still makes you delusional.

  3. “their is freedom and not freedom as tangible reality”

    well one man’s tangible reality is another man’s ludicrous fantasy, so you’ll have to be specific. in general people feel free if they readily can do most of what they want to do, but since people differ in what they want to do they’ll differ on their ideas of “freedom”. for example OBLM feels that criminals should be free to rape and rob and murder as they please, and they feel unfree and oppressed – really, they do – that they cannot readily act so without interference. but you (I presume) would not agree that they are unfree – that they are brainwashed/delusional/something.

    • we are back to tangible reality – you have no right to another person in anyway. If one thinks they are not free because they can not rape or murder someone – they are delusional. You are either free to live your life in anyway you see fit without infringing on another or you are not free. Just because you may live your life in such a way that you don’t notice you are not free is of no consequence to the reality of your enslavement.

      • ok, what do you mean by “tangible reality”? for the rapist/robber/murderer, his tangible reality is that he’s not free to do as he pleases without being harassed by the man, and your concern with “rights” is just your own personal fantasy meant to keep him down.

    • “rape / robbery / murder is not a right”

      I agree, but the typical rapist/robber/murder wouldn’t. the discussion was about “freedom” and such a person finds such concepts restrictive of his freedom to act. surely such concepts restrict his freedom to act thus making him not free?

      • I can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner — I am being trolled and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. son of a bitch that was good — you got me! Mahalo!