Episode-2099- Expert Council Q&A for 10-13-17 — 5 Comments

  1. Totally unrelated to the show, just a site suggestion.

    I recently switched to brave as my mobile browser, and it renders wordpress sites very well. The only problem with this site is the audio options are outside of the content tags, so it gets stripped from mobile view. With a simple adjustment to that, including it in the body, the brave browser would completely replace a podcast app. Might get more listeners using that browser, and when the monitization goes live in mobile versions might be an asset for you, if only as a way to test the brave token model. If nothing else, it’s a convenient way to view the site from a phone.

  2. Great segment by Steven Harris about the elderly. Although painful, my time tending to my mother at a care facility had a great unexpected benefit. I was there pretty much daily for a year. I met so many interesting people there who had fantastic stories. Most had no visible family visiting, very sad.

  3. My Mongolian in-laws do the “grandparents’ apartment” version of the multi-generational household, having their apartment right next to my brother-in-law (and just one building over from us). Same with their summer property, having multiple small dwellings on one piece of land (a few small houses and a couple of gers/yurts). Overall, it works out pretty well… we help take care of their grocery shopping, ensuring medical stuff is getting taken care of, and providing transportation as needed, and they help watch the grandkids and grow & tend a nice variety of vegetables, blackcurrants, and seabuckthorn berries. Oh, and also help tutor my half-Mongolian/half-American kids with their Mongolian language (which is outpacing my limited proficiency at an embarrassing rate 🙂

    Admittedly, the average Mongolian family doesn’t have that level of resources, so most tend towards the ‘true’ multi-generational household… living in the same apartment or in neighboring gers/yurts. For all the inconveniences and headaches here, one thing I’ve grown to appreciate here is how elders are treated and honored. My in-laws are retired teachers, and it’s not uncommon for their former students to visit on special days or events. Maybe part of it is the traditionally lower average life expectancy here (it’s improving some now but still not great) made people in their 60’s and 70’s and especially 80’s+ relatively less common and thus more appreciated? I hope that attitude doesn’t change here anytime soon…

  4. Re: the man whose wife puts cookware in the dishwasher. The simplest solution to this is walk into the kitchen, wash the cookware, dry it, and put it away. She’ll never put it in the dishwasher again.

    I appreciate Paul Wheaton’s cast iron article, which got me started using vintage Wagner Ware and Griswold cookware.

  5. If I can help it, I only cook on cast iron. My wife loves her nonstick, but I was noticing I was getting headaches after eating eggs I cooked on them. I switched to cast iron and no more headaches.

    As far as my wife not putting cookware or knives in the dishwasher, well, it’s a lost cause. I actually don’t mind doing dishes and I’ve asked her to just leave them for me. She doesn’t. The dishwasher has ruined the knife handles. I try to mitigate it by washing them when I can. I’ll pull them out of the dishwasher. I’ve given up because it’s not a battle worth fighting, for me. She won’t mess w/ the cast iron, so I’ve got that going for me.