Episode-2528- Expert Council Q&A for 10-11-19 — 10 Comments

  1. Sorry, didn’t piss me off.  Followed your remarks on the subject  and found very interesting.

  2. Hey Jack

    “All Summer Long” came out when I was half way through high school and it was played everywhere I went, so I can’t stand it.

    But it brought to mind a song I’ve been listening to which is a mirror to “All Summer Long”.

    “Invincible” by Tool is about an old warrior who is looking for one last victory.

    So here’s a new song about an old guy from a young guy in response to a song about a young guy from an old guy.


    • One thing I forgot to mention in my intro to this song is it is a mash up of rifs from two not one famous song. Of course Sweet Home Alabama is one, but the other is the lesser known but equally great Wearwolves of London. The rifs from that are less noticeable. This song was made famous by the movie The Color of Money. As an 80s kid that song was on every jukebox in every place with a pool table. Every fucking kid that fancied himself a hustler played it all the time.

      It was a song I never got tired of though, it was on my mix tapes of work out music.

      For those two reasons alone this song anchors me to that time of my life and is why I love it.

      I also think before everyone had a phone that was a music playing device and even before iPods, etc. “Playing everywhere I went” meant something less. I mean I grew up in a place where I shit you not, sometimes when you went over a hill the one decent radio station we had either faded out or changed to another station on the same band. Music was on a cassette tape, etc.

      Just yet another example or how music is very personal but also very generational, even relatively new music.

  3. Its interesting how you relate to it.

    My first summer job was at an amusement park at the beach where they played the top 40 summer hits ALL DAY. Then Kid Rock comes on and steals two great songs to make one bubble gum pop song. At least that’s how I felt in the hot summer sun dealing with little kids eating too much sugar.

    To paraphrase a famous shark hunter, “I’ll never go into a ride park again without earplugs”

  4. I have eaten low-carb through many Thanksgivings at this point, and I find it easy.  Loaded mashed cauliflower, pork rind stuffing, and things like roasted brussels sprouts with bacon can be amazing dishes to have alongside your delicious turkey.  I’ve even made desserts like pumpkin pie with nut crust or “pumpkin pudding”, and folks who aren’t eating a low-carb diet seem to enjoy all of the things I fix.

    If I’m keeping my carbs under 20, it’s likely that I’ll have a few more carbs on Thanksgiving, but it’s not anything ridiculous because the stuff I fix is self-limiting because of the high fat content.

    Just my $.02.

  5. Jack, I appreciate you breaking down the abortion debate into such simple terms.

    I would like to see the people who want to reduce/end abortion and the people who want to reduce/end  taxation unite behind the idea that the Federal government should not be funding organizations that provide abortions.

    I realize the line item is “women’s health”, but if that money needs to be spent, it seems like WIC-type programs could provide all but abortion services.

    Many are appalled their tax dollars go to pay for wars that kill people around the world. People who believe unborn babies are people too detest the fact they are compelled to help pay for abortions. I’d like to see both types of government activities reduced or eliminated.

    We’re given the A/B choice of for or against abortion, but there’s no reasonable discussion about the government’s role in funding the action. People who support the option for women to abort their babies should put their money where their mouth is in my opinion.

    Defining “life” is a tricky business, but it seems like we should err on the side of protecting innocent people on the edges so we don’t go further down the eugenics or euthanasia path.

    The future generations we’re stealing from via government debt will some day preside over our health care status. I don’t think that will go well.

  6. We tried a storebought cauliflower pizza crust last week.  It wasn’t going to fool anyone but it was pretty darn good for low carb gluten free.  It was good enough that our next step will be to try an online homemade recipe.  Probably from allrecipes.

  7. As for abortion I agree with a quote from Roe V. Wade: “upon the interim point at which the fetus becomes “viable,” that is, potentially able to live outside the mother’s womb, albeit with artificial aid. [59] Viability is usually placed at about seven months (28 weeks) but may occur earlier, even at 24 weeks”.

    The idea is that if a group of cells cannot survive without being attached to another life, then it is just a group of cells. As science gets better this number may get shorter.  I found one article that quoted 21 weeks and 5 days.  This also goes for old age, as there is always cases where a life could be saved if organs could be taken from another, but we don’t do that, unless they volunteer.  Any other action enslaves one to serve the other.

  8. I see this angle as a minimum. Meaning that at this point, the question should be moot, we have a life. Does that number get any shorter? I am not sure but this is a point at which I find most reasonable peopel can agree we have a human being.