Episode-1940- Expert Council Q&A for 1-27-17 — 9 Comments

  1. We do the same thing Jack on packaging bee Products.

    we hand make most of our lables. It keeps the Family going on the skill of what it takes to make money from the work we do.

    Love the part on the Ducks as always.
    the Farm life in the Winter with Darby Simpson. Winters are bad here in Wyoming. We spend most of our time cleaning up and moving things. as a beekeeper it is time to paint boxes, fix equipment, and plant the new year. so Darby is right, there is always work, but it seasonal changing.

    good show man.

  2. How about a bounty on each empty egg carton. Amazing what people will save for a quarter ($0.25) return !

  3. Two questions for Gary Collins

    1.) what organic non pesticide tea do you recommend, i drink black and green.

    2.) i’ve been drinking 5 days a week roughly one 1/2 gallon of brewed black tea via Lipton for about 11 years….should i be concerned? I was shocked to hear what you said about the pesticides!!!!

    • Ill make sure Gary chimes in but I drink this green tea and I love it, you can’t beat the value and it is organic.

      If you make my blend with it, you will cut the caffeine dramatically and you will love the taste. My blend is in this post

      On the black, I haven’t tried this yet but I am going to order some today, everything I have ever ordered from Davidson’s has been fantastic, and always a great value.

      For brewing these types of teas I recommend a french press, this is my personal favorite,

      The infuser is fine for a cup at a time but I drink a lot of tea and the press makes two big mugs in one shot, for iced tea you can make it double strength or even triple then dilute.

    • The best way to make sure you are getting non-pesticide tea and coffee is to always by organic. As Jack and I have stated not a perfect way, but the best at this time unless you grow it, dry/grind it yourself.

  4. Could Hitler have won the war at Dunkirk? Maybe. If the people of that generation had the sense of our present generation then yes. The troops at Dunkirk would have surrendered and Britain would have asked for terms. But Hitler didn’t want them to surrender. He wanted to kill them.

    Also, there was a rivalry between the German army and air force. With the Army’s early victory, Goring wanted to show how their air force could produce victories too. He wanted the tanks to pull back and let the Luftwaffe bomb the Allies on the beaches of Dunkirk.

    “The army always wants to act like gentlemen. They round up the British as prisoners with as little harm to them as possible. But the Führer wants to teach them a lesson they won’t easily forget.” — Goring.

    Teach your lessons in school.

    Alex Shrugged.

  5. I loved hearing “In the Mood” again…
    I was a musician in school and in the military. I can’t count how many times I played that song when I was stationed in Germany.
    Everytime I hear that old swing music (Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, etc.) it always makes me wish I was still playing…

  6. Bees in Central Florida
    Another concern in our area is damage from bears. Unless you are in downtown Orlando they are near. You may not have seen them but if they are not there yet, they are on the way. I have seen them from I-10 all the way down to Arcadia.

  7. Another thing about keeping bees in Florida is the requirement to have your hives inspected every year. Yes there are some good groups and last time I went to a workshop in Gainesville – there were some old timers there who were very open and helpful to the newbies. Specialized queen rearing is even more important here since the general population of bees has been found to have a percentage of Africanized genes and it’s not a good idea to raise your own queens without taking measures to avoid crossing with feral bees with those genes.