Episode-2150- Expert Council Q&A for 1-19-18 — 18 Comments

  1. Great reminder today about group buying Jack. The TSP Zello group has been doing bulk group buys for a few years on various seeds, strawberries, asparagus, comfrey, vanilla beans and more. Even in your local area with friends, family or neighbors, this can be a great way to save money! Group buy and save – Jack is right.

  2. I have been a shortwave listener since the late 1960s. The number of broadcasters has shrunken dramatically since then. Shortwave behaves 24 hrs. a day much like the AM Broadcast band at night. You can hear international stations. Radio Havana Cuba is one of the hold outs. BBC doesn’t have as much programing as it used to.

    Reception varies depending on distance, solar weather, and interference. Daylight frequencies such as 17795kHz example are viable for a few hours after sundown if the transmitter is far west from you. Dark frequencies 5950kHz example are only viable if both transmitter and receiver are in or near darkness.

    Some times there is no path the maximum usable frequency is below the minimum usable frequency for a given path it is easiest to just turn on your radio and tune around.

  3. My Android device doesn’t open your comments, the Name* and Email* and Website lines hide behind the Reply box. had to use a desktop.

  4. I was expecting to hear Nicole Sauce and it took me a few seconds to realize it wasn’t her. Good info though, Erica always does such a fantastic job.

  5. I was looking into the that Jack mentioned.  Looks like they started out claiming Anonymous was involved but on there was an article where Anonymous said they had nothing to do with it, do not support it, and found several security issues. Both of these from 2015.  I made an account so I have it when more about their coin comes out.  Though supposedly no censoring on it there have been some grumbling about posts that go against groopthink being set so they can not be boosted due to NSFW but much worse posts can be.

  6. I took me a while to find the free BAT.  You have to go to the settings menu and then payments and there is a button to get free BAT.  You have 90 days to spend the free BAT you get, you don’t get to keep it.

  7. When I got home from work yesterday I tried the free BAT.  It said the promotion was over.  Snooze you loose I guess.

    • Damn I wonder if it was a time sensitive thing or if they actually gave away 1 million BAT that fast. BAT was trading at about 50 cents lets say during this period. So about 10 BAT to the reward. That means that about 100,000 new Brave Users were created in a few days if they ran out.

  8. +1 on using Ale yeast for hard cider Erica. (My wife, friends and I all love your “Hands-On Home” book btw.)

    I personally use Safale S-04 for all my cider brewing now, and find it’s pretty to close to Angry Orchard (using dark brown sugar and a cinnamon stick) without all the extra sweetness. It runs $3-5 per packet vs the Red Star at $.99 per, but I feel it’s worth it. Primary fermentation typically lasts a week.

    When I first started homebrewing, I did 4- 1 gallon batches side by side to see what difference yeast actually makes. (Red Star’s Cuvee,Pastuer Blanc, and Safale’s S-04, US-05. Later on I learned about Lavlin yeasts which keep it dry but preserve/add some more fruity notes. Certainly, there’s way more options out there.)

    Jack, I’d love to hear more about you keg setup and recommendations. I’ve been meaning to send in a question about it.


  9. I just got 10 more BAT on a 2nd computer that has Brave on it.  Now I just have to figure out how to send it to specific content providers rather than just spread it out over everyone I visited in the month.

  10. I have a comment on the sweeter cider. I brew quite a bit and I make 5 gallons of Appfelwein, a German hard cider. It’s made with the champagne yeast and is pretty dry. I like the dry, the wife likes a little sweeter. I keep a bottle of apple juice in the kegerator and when she wants a glass I first put a shot of the apple juice in the glass and pour on top of that. It works for us.