Episode-2363- Expert Council Q&A for 1-18-19 — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for you points on being a stepfather and raising kids.  I too didn’t have a father growing up and honestly wondered if I was being the best father I can be.  After listening to you I realized I may not be perfect but I am doing a lot right and somethings I still need to work on.

    Also I was that kid in school that hated doing what I called busy work.  It I understood it why keep doing it.

    I actually got into arguments with a college math teacher about having  showing all my work.  He told me if I didn’t show all my work the answer was wrong and I explained to him if I do it in my head how do I show that on paper.  It didn’t go well for me winning that one but I did end up getting him to give me half credit on all the question with the right final answer and no work shown.

  2. Hey Jeff, it depends on what you’re planning to use mathematics for in my opinion. I have a bachelor’s in mathematics, and getting into the habit of thoroughly showing my work and how I devised the answer in my head carried over into my pursuit of further higher education and certifications. I work in engineering and urban and transportation planning now, and showing my work carries over into explaining and sharing any methodologies I devise, as well as explaining to the public, especially, how a policy will effect them and how they can refute it if it negatively effects their specific circumstance.

    If you learn mathematics, in particular, to increase your personal knowledge and not as a foundation for working with others, then not showing your thinking process and work is fine to me. But, if not, then it is essential and has its place.

    It helps to always question why something is required and think of reasons why you wouldn’t want to adhere to others’ rules, but also, why you would need to follow those rules to do what it is you want to do with your life.

    My personal motto is to go above and beyond to quell any doubt as to my ability and knowledge in my areas, so I always show my work when interacting with others. I leave no question as to my mastery because I don’t want people getting in the way of my plans with superficial annoyances.