Episode-2145- Expert Council Q&A for 1-12-18 — 18 Comments

  1. Jack, can you add the link with instructions about how to stake my ARK crypto?  I see you posted a link to the ARK project website; I see many videos on YouTube about how to do it but I am looking for the instructions you mentioned you would post in the show notes.

  2. Funny coincidence, I’m making some of that “orange powdered crap” storage food while listening to Chef Keith’s segment on the stuff.

    I always keep just a couple weeks worth of those dehydrated just add water and simmer pre-made storage foods on hand because they’re easy to use and (I think) they taste good.


    Other than that, my food storage philosophy matches what chef Keith just described and I’ve been doing it since I was 19 years old. Cheap but bland easy to store food (like rice) and the ingredients, know how, and gardening skill to turn it into delicious meals that I eat every day.

  3. Jack- I watched your youtube video on the bloodbath coming.  Amazing how all the charts look the same.

    Question- what do you do with your money when you sell.  The exchanges I’m dealing with  make you sell into BTC or ETH. If I’m not ready to buy my next coin yet, where do you recommend holding your money?  In a different cryto (like BTC or ETH)? Completely moving it back into fiat through Coinbase?  Or something better?

    Appreciate the ideas.

    • I try to stay in crypto and while I sanity check things against the USD I make most of my decisions based on BTC.  If I paid say .002 BTC for something and now it is .004 that is double the BTC, so I am happy if everything else is indicating I should trade to trade.

      Most of the time when I am trading it is out of my 20% that is in either the short term trade pile or the I’m not sure if this is a long or short position yet pile.   When I find something exciting like ARK I look to this pile to take profits and get into a new position.  To date I have not moved one sotachi back to fiat and I have no plans to do so any time soon.

      Now lets say you wanted to sell coin XYZ, you’d done well and wanted to take profits.  You have not found your next play yet and say BTC was really high at this time and you figured it was gonna correct so you didn’t want to hold it.  Say you also felt this way about the other key currency ETH at this time and you just wanted your profit to sit stable until you knew what you wanted to do.

      Tether to the rescue,

      A crypto pegged to the USD, it at certain times may go a few cents to a dime over a dollar or a bit below but if you look at it over a year, the line is almost flat.

      Funny thing though, right now it is trading for 1.02-1.04 with occasional spikes to 1.10.  The volume is also very high.

      So ask yourself this in conjunction with my video, why has tether consistently done about 150-500 million in daily volume for so long and from mid December to today is doing more like 2-3 billion or more a day.  Why is so much crypto moving into a safe and stable position?

      Let me put it this way the same people who always say “buy the dips” are also always saying HODL!  How does one buy the dips if all of ones capital is held in falling positions during them.

      Now this is not a bail out signal, this is if you bought some second tier crypto and made 3x, 4x or 10x on it and you don’t know that it really has long term potential this may be the time to take those profits and seek a new opportunity with them.

  4. I spent around $20 on Coss back in October and it is now up to $1200.  My wife told me I should sell half so I don’t loose my money.  I told her I wasn’t worried about loosing my $20 else I would not have spent it.  Since Coss is one of those you at this point can’t sell directly for cash I would have to trade it for Eth or BTC, transfer it to Coinbase and then sell those for cash loosing portions on it as fees for each transfer.  Since they do a fee split every sunday I think I will just keep it all and see how it does over the log hall.

    • Or you could take some of the profits into BTC and just do that.  Or take it into Tether which is as stable as the dollar and wait for another opportunity.

      And what is this cross you speak of, I can’t find any such named coin.

  5. Coss has their own exchange, wallet, etc.

    To buy COSS I transferred BTC over and bought it with that.

    They do other things or will do more in the future.  I was able to donate Ethereum to an ICO even though I’m american.  That ICO was hacked and bought out by another entity so COSS refunded my Ether.  On Sunday they compute how much COSS you have and you get a split in fees off of a certain Ethereum block.  They are not available until around Wednesday but it is a whole list of tokens you get a minute portion of.  If they are Ethereum based you can convert them to Ethereum.  It will cost Ether to move them to a wallet so I pretty much just convert them with the exception of COSS.  I don’t 100% understand that process but I bought 550 COSS when it was $.004 and never expected it to get to the current over $2 range.  I believe in their next phase they will be adding Pre-paid credit cards.  They say,

    “Order your MasterCard branded credit-card and start depositing featured cryptocurrencies on it.

    The credit-card can be accepted by any merchant that has a MasterCard compatible POS.”


  6. Interesting the comment about Nerva (history segment) being smart by staying out of the spotlight and not seeking the Emperorship. When Domiton had his head rolled, Nerva became Emperor.

    That being said, he did manage to reign without incident (as did his son) so he was still more successful than his predecessors.

  7. Jack,

    Would you please tell us which exchange you used to buy WAX?

    I can’t find it anywhere and I’m already on 4 exchanges.

    Thanks for the tip!


    • I thought I said in the episode I used Huobi. And this caution, they will let you set up and buy with ONLY an email, but you need to do KYC (id upload) and two factor authentication before they let you withdraw. So I would know all of that out before putting any BTC in to your Huobi account. If there is going to be a problem let it be solved before you put anything in.

  8. OK, thanks Jack!  I apologize if you mentioned the exchange and I missed it.

    Thanks for your prompt response!


  9. The segment from Chef Keith Snow was helpful but what about prepper pantries for paleo folks like many of us?


  10. Not sure if anyone has looked at crypto prices lately but Jack’s video on the decline in prices is right now.

    For those of us who paid attention we locked in much more profit if we sold part of our shares as he outlined.

  11. TSP Ark Delegate would be awesome. I don’t have the Ark (I think it’s 50 Ark to register as a delegate) or knowledge to do that myself, but I’d be willing to vote for a trustworthy delegate from our community.

    • I thought about doing it, but then I thought about how I really want to promote ARK in the coming months and it felt WRONG to do so with such a direct benefit.  I also think a delegate should be technically more adept then I am.  I found “The Foundry” and I have decided to help them promote ARK, if ARK does well I do well but if you pick them, it doesn’t do anything for me.

      I am hoping to have the two guys from The Foundry on air this coming week or next.