Episode-2578- The Expert Council Show for 1-10-20 — 4 Comments

  1. To the guy whose son is in western Mt,

    I’m an electrician in the Missoula area. Hit me up if he’s interested and we can chat what the trade is like

  2. Thank’s Doc,

    I quit smoking over 2 years ago. You had some very good advice, and good common sense things to have in place. I was hoping you would include some exercises, breathing techniques, or plants that may increase the oxygen in the air, and possibly even clean the air a bit. I know some things, like the coffee, I knew. That is good for asthma too. But maybe some ways to produce the controlled coughing you were talking about. I heard once or twice about Iodine being helpful for bringing up mucus. I know there are vitamins that help with oxygenation of the blood. One I can’t get any more was B-15. It could help reverse hypoxia.

    Again, Thank you