Episode-2629- On Cooking with Your Preps — 6 Comments

  1. Can someone tell me how to spell the pork, duck, salmon (reaird)??? The slow cooked meat with spices that Keith was talking about?

  2. Also, for anyone looking for more on the procedure to render chicken fat, you are looking for schmaltz (Yiddish for rendered chicken or goose fat) not schmutz (German for dirt). 🙂 There are numerous videos on the simple process (actually more than one method) and also the by-product skin. And yes, this is where we get the word “schmaltzy” to describe something very sentimental or corny.

    Great episode, thanks!

  3. In the Garlic oil recipe, how much oil do you start with and how many servings of pasta does it make.

  4. Is there supposed to be a discount code for Backwoods Home/Self-Reliance? I don’t see it in the MSB Vendor page.