Episode-2013- Cooking with the Weber Kettle Grill — 7 Comments

  1. Have you ever tried one of these? It is by no means a replacement for the Weber because of its much smaller size but is still plenty capable for cooking for just a few people. This is the best travel grill I have ever owned, perfect for cooking on the tailgate. It’s 10 years old now and I have no doubt that it will outlast me. Another strong recommendation for an item of the day.

    • I actually love those for what they are, they everything a 70s hibachi tried to be but failed to achieve.

  2. I was listening to you talk about beer can chicken, and I MAY be able to save you a lot of money. 🙂 Rather than buying one of those pans I heard you describe (I’d never heard of one before you), you might just get a couple upright chicken roasters. Maybe they’re meant for grilling; I don’t know. I use them primarily in my oven though, although I have been known to use them inside a propane grill that’s being used like an oven.

    They consist of three parts. Imagine a shallow, round metal pan with holes in the main compass positions. Then you have these two bent pieces of metal that hook into those holes that make a sort of wire tower that’s wider near the pan. You take the contraption, you put it on a baking sheet, and then you put the chicken on top of the tower so the cavity is over the pan. Hopefully, you’ve seasoned the chicken well, and then you roast it at 450 for 15min and turn it down to 300 ’til it’s done. (Yes, I realize this show is about grilling, but I’m sure you could approximate the same procedure over charcoal.)

    When you cook chickens this way, you don’t have to add a lick of oil to the skin, because like you said, it basically air fries. You end up with crispy skin and tender, fall-apart meat, and all the drippings land in the pan that makes up the base of the upright roaster. I’ve even roasted ducks on it with this procedure, and we’re talking AMAZING! 🙂

    Sorry I don’t have a link for you. Since I can’t see, I can find something on Amazon that looks like what I’m talking about. It’s definitely not something that’s meant to accommodate a beer can though. It’s simple something that allows you to cook birds without their skin touching metal.

    Great show! Thank you, Sir! 🙂

  3. Hands down the best grill out there for under $200. I have had the same kettle gold for 10 years now. The price and cooking power combination just can’t be beat today.

  4. I would love part two. I would also buy the Jack’s Cookbook 🙂 ?

    Where did you get your knowledge about creating recipes? It is impressive.

    • From a variety of places, I am a cooking show junkie it is one of the few things you can really learn a lot about on TV. I always talk to people that love to cook as well, how do you do this, why do you do this, etc. Focus first on techniques secondly on recipes.

      Then practical application as a kid I had to cook my own fish and game, so you learn, you are a kid you are fearless so you try anything. That helps a lot.