Episode-2083- Cooking Venison and Other Fish & Game — 7 Comments

  1. Saw Charlie Daniels play last June at the Grand Ole Opry. That 80 year old man can still rock the house.

  2. Hello Jack,

    Like my brother, you are not a liver/organ meat fan.

    Deer Liver, cooked properly, with Red onion, though White onion can work, with mustard and I know this is not your thing, homemade Sourdough bread, while out and about either wood harvesting, mushroom hunting, KNOWING exactly what you are looking for, or late Fall fishing for Idaho state river caught rainbow trout.
    (using locally sourced “Red Wrigglers” with permission from a neighbor’s garden.

    Thanks for all you do. BTW, last time I got to eat Deer Liver was back in 1975~76, still going yum yum about it.

    • Like I said it is good for 10% of sausage weight, 20% top end, and dog food. I will leave it there. The only liver I have ever liked have been.

      Rabbit liver cooked inside the rabbit over a camp fire, quail liver cooked crisp within 5 minutes of killing the quail. Dredged in flour and fried.