Cooking on the Deck with the EcoZoom Stove – Sausage and Peppers — 15 Comments

  1. just got the stove tech stove looks great. now im waiting for a good reason to use it. maybe il just try it for fun.

  2. Jack, love the video. Have looked at these and then at homebuilt Rocket stoves that are similar. May have to make one and play with it. Great stuff! Keep it up.

  3. Nice! I think I know what else I might want for Christmas, now. Very cool, Jack. And yes, now I’m hungry, too.

  4. Gonna have to get one of these as a backup to my propane setup. Hopefully Jack can get a MSB discount for us?

    • The Versa I don’t get the point of the “lite” both are heavy enough that it seems like a pointless thing to have two models. Yep 18 is less then 26 lbs but I will side with durability on this one, neither is a backpacking stove if you know what I mean.

      • Just to let everyone know. I received a prompt email from the company.

        “the Versa Lite uses a ceramic fiber for insulation, while the Versa uses a
        solid ceramic combustion chamber. Both use a high temperature metallic alloy
        liner that protect the insulation. The metal liner will last 6,000 cooking
        hours, after that the Versa’s ceramic would work better over time. Until
        then you don’t have any difference in performance. The Versa Lite is 8
        pounds lighter.”

        I equated this to 2000 times with an average cooking time of 3hrs. So if you had to use it every day, 3 times a day, it would last 1.8yrs before the 6000 hr mark. I will go with the lite

  5. I just ordered the Dura. I don’t plan on using charcoal with it – that is what my Cobb does, this is exactly what I have been looking for.

  6. Jack, you really should get some sales percentage! Your video just caused me to go to Amazon and order the Versa. Keep up the great work!

  7. Jack,
    I am thinking the heavy one might be a bit more stable,
    less of a chance of tipping over from an accidental knock.
    As clumsy as I am…..