Jack’s Cooking Hacks & Techniques – Epi-3220 — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, just a heads up. There’s no ‘s’ sound in the ‘buco’ of ‘ossobuco’

    Apart from that, great podcast 🙂

  2. If somebody wants a steak more well done than you want to cook it, after it is cooked, put it in Au Jus. It basically stains the beef so it looks more well done. This is mind over matter. Haha!! The person sees a more “well done” steak and thinks it is more well done. I learned this working at a country club early in my life, when people wanted more well done beef at the carving station.

    • I actually did this to my daughter in law with a prime rib for Christmas. She is so fuckin picky it is unreal, worries about every spot of fat you can see, etc.

      Trimmed her some, soaked in my home made jus and she said, “best she’s ever had”.

      I keep telling so many in my family they are screwing themselves with all this mental BS. This works but there are so many food adventures they won’t take. I have to say in general when it comes to food most Americans are boring. Home of the chicken nugget and box mac n cheese, so not surprising.

  3. I’ve learned to never return anything to a restaurant kitchen. I requested a very rare steak to be finished up to medium rare and it was brought back to my table not one bit more cooked, still way too rare, and one bite indicated that it had mopped up the kitchen floor. Never went back there again.