Episode-1623- Cooking Deer Meat — 4 Comments

  1. I am left scratching my head sometimes. Jack, how do you know so much?
    You are Yoda!

  2. Okay, not fair. Now my mouth is watering and I didn’t get a deer tag this season! 🙁

  3. I am not nearly as interested in bow hunting at this point in my life maybe later but cooking venison is another story.

    We loooooove back strap over here. We normally just lightly bread salt and pepper cook it just long enough to cook the outside of it in a cast iron (the only pan type worth a flip) in a little peanut oil. Excellent.

    Actually had some goat back strap last night from the buck we processed back in April or so.

  4. Made the pepper sausage recipe today with some grass-fed beef trim. It is excellent! Perfect timing for my sausage making day, and there will be more this fall! Thanks Jack.