Cooking Meat Like a Pro – Epi-3438 — 1 Comment

  1. A couple of questions from someone who just made, what my harshest critics (my kids), was the best steak they have ever had:
    1. I have been doing my steak seer in avocado oil for the high smoke point. So definitely switch to pork or beef tallow? It seems to have the same or lower smoke point.
    2. As a lover of cheap rare steak what is the lowest temp to do a sous-vide? I’ve heard under a specific temp isn’t safe. (129?)
    3. What is your suggested pre-salt (kind of dry age) duration? Or doesn’t this help? I’ve seen as long as 5 days, but I don’t like the look. I do 48hr max. (Do you wrap with cheesecloth? I can’t remember where I heard that.)
    4. Can you do another show on sauces? I’m looking for a good red wine reduction, but will leave it to you if there is a better option.

    Thanks for all you do,