Episode-526- Controlling Economic Fear and Moving Forward — 7 Comments

  1. Not sure how you do it, but your messages come exactly in-line with what is on my mind and exactly when I need to hear someone else’s perspective.

    Life is too short to keep trying to be someone or something we are not. Still laughing about the ‘poop’thing…

    I can literally FEEL the next collapse coming, and while we haven’t done everything we need to to prepare, I know my family is better off today than we were yesterday, last week, last month, last year. And my life is infinitely better today than any other time I can remember.

  2. Damn Jack – another fantastic show.

    Regarding Authenticity. I was in a discussion with a group of sales reps last week. I was telling a story of a friend who said a non PC thing in an interview and when everyone around the tables mouths dropped, he stood up and said “I’m obviously not your guy. Good luck.” and then walked out.

    No one could believe it. Most have become so plastic that they will say or do anything to go along to get along. They are NOT the rockstars in my industry. They are the majority that keep their jobs and inch closer to death every day.

    In every interview I have ever done- either interviewee or interviewer I have always dropped a nice profanity- because thats me. I have been offered every job I ever had the patience to sit through the interview for.

    YOU ARE 100% RIGHT. Be the real you and life gets MUCH easier, and you never come off your game. The only trick is knowing what the real you really is.

    Thanks yet again. Great talk last night on the Gold Silver room.

  3. Ditto the previous sentiments. I haven’t even listened to the show yet (it’s in my queue for today’s ride to work), but I can tell from the title and notes that it is exactly what my spouse and I need to be listening to, today. Thanks.

  4. On the 1099 issue: my prediction is that this is just getting the foot in the door to introduce a V.A.T. (value added tax, or national sales tax). It will start out with a 1% tax on high end transactions and progress from there.

  5. @common weed,

    Problem one has NOTHING to do with the other. There is no “foot in the door” here just another tax. A VAT tax or a National Sales tax have no need of a 1099 on anything. I don’t understand how people are making this leap? I guess the mind sees what it wants to see, but this is like calling a rock a tree in my view.

    Not that they are not going to try for a VAT, they will it just isn’t related in anyway to a 1099 on anything.

    My prediction, they will talk about a VAT tax, say we need it, sell the need but the uproar will be huge. In the end we get a “National Sales Tax” as a “compromise” solution because it will be a single tax vs. a multiple tax on one item.

    Both suck and neither should be allowed but by waving the boogie man of the VAT tax, the national sales tax will get sold to the sheep. Many sheep will actually see a national sales tax as a victory over the evil VAT tax.

  6. Yay, Jack, thanks for this wonderful episode!
    I listened to it twice – it was so truthful and therefore so irresistably enjoyable.

    Thanks again for your terrific show and all you do. I’ll be sure to leave a message for episode #550 on 1-866-65-THINK!