Episode-2758- Building a Content Based Business for Lifestyle Freedom — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for this one Jack!!! I don’t get to catch a ton of shows these days. But boy if people only knew, they’d be fighting people to do what I assume you’re talking about in this episode

  2. You’re right Jack, I’ll be listening to this one a few times.

    I’ve always enjoyed the creative outlet of making videos, but after listening to the show all these years, two common themes emerged.

    1. Whenever you mentioned writing a short essay about “my perfect day,” somehow aviation was always front and center in it. Not working as a commercial pilot, like I thought I wanted to do, just flying and enjoying it, being present in the experience.

    2. The concept of monetizing your life. Live the life you want and earn at least a side income to help support it. It’s something you’ve mentioned before, but episodes with Brian Norton helped exercise the brain in that direction.


    It’s not right for everyone, but I recognized that there was some room in my chosen space for another creator, especially from the Experimental aircraft/ homebuilder niche. (i.e. I tried to find videos on certain topics for my own research and couldn’t.) I’ve often thought that even if this isn’t the thing, the experience from doing this will be invaluable for the future.


    So, I bought an airplane project and began the process of making it airworthy again, filming a lot of it from my garage. My YT channel is still tiny, my fault, but I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’m also not relying on it solely for when I do get some traction. There are other revenue streams I have picked out that the channel will help drive people to. (On Odyssee as well.)


    Some things I’ve learned:

    The 5ish minute long video you see on YT started as a 1 hour of footage and probably took over 6 hours to make. My editing time took weeks at first, but it does get faster with experience.


    If youtube is your primary content delivery service, you have to put some out at least once a week. The algorithm actually favors and promotes more creators who upload multiple videos a week. I was doing pretty good with it, but took a couple months off to focus on family, and videos that were ranking for specific terms fell off the face of the earth. I’m back to regular uploads, and the other content has returned, but it’s something to be aware of going into it.


    • Look how much you have learned already, look what you are doing, that is fuckin awesome, good for you man, keep going.

  3. Great info.

    I’d love to hear a follow up to this. How to get started on being a content creator. What basic equipment, programs and whatnot you need to get started.

    I know there’s tons of videos about it, not that that isn’t a good place to start researching, but I tend to trust your judgement better than most.

    Thanks again Jack.

  4. I not only knew how to draw it I wrote a program code to color animated that Van Halen logo on a Commodore 64 in my computer training class in vocational school. I think you forgot another very popular logo the double Z’s from Z Z Top

    • “I think you forgot another very popular logo the double Z’s from Z Z Top” ~ VALID