Episode-99- Container Gardening for the Urban Survivalist — 5 Comments

  1. Great podcast today; especially the bit on Monsanto and their respective frankenstein foods and their thuggish actions regarding farmers and seed. I suspect you’ve heard of Percy Schmeiser (Canadian farmer who won against Monsanto; more on him and related things can be found on the Deconstructing Dinner website (URL: have not connection, just a resource for others to listen too, see if there’s stuff they find of interest and ideas on how to act) therefore (if not, check out the above link or just Google him).

    The cinder block container/raised bed garden idea is great (I’ve heard of it, but didn’t think about using the holes for specialized plantings), thanks.

  2. Jack,
    On today’s show You had brought up a comment I had posted yesterday. Please let me clarify.
    I was in no way suggesting an armed revolution is necessary at this time.
    Only that if the time comes where all else has failed and “The People” need to reclaim their government under the constitution of the United States of America…it would not be treason but rather patriotism.
    If Thomas Jefferson’s wisdom was treasonistic, then I consider myself in pretty good company.
    You always ask for feed back whether we agree or disagree,hum…sorry for disagreeing Jack!
    (AS always, just on man’s opinion).
    Lighten up buddy….we’re on the same side!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Gary,

    I think you are missing my point all together. Yes what Jefferson, Washington and the other founders did was treason, more over, high treason. Was it noble? Absolutely! But it was treason and the only thing that saved them from the consequences of that action was victory.

    When a people revolt against their government it is treason, sometimes noble and sometimes not so but always treason. We can’t call it anything else, when we do we don’t realize the real significance of comments we make.

    We should just all be clear about when an action is honestly treason. It emphasizes the serious nature of comments many people make with out thinking about what they are really saying. Many of those people are the ones that give us as a community a bad name. Our problem today isn’t the Government “per se” but the total dumbing down of America,s people. The Moronic belief that “all the Democrats are for the poor people and all the Republicans are for the rich people”. The lack of touch with reality that allows incompetent thieves to stay in the Senate or House for 30 years or more.

    Our solution is a revolution and a revolution that is only possible in a free nation like America. In this revolution we educate, inspire and above all set an example for others about how to live and how to change.

    The blind followers of Obama voted for “change” with no idea of what that means, if you want real change you must first live that change and to live it you must know it. That is the spirit in which I do this show every day.

    I also felt when I saw Jules Dervaes hold up that trowel it was as much a revolutionary statement as any that has ever been made. One can revolt in anger and rage or one can channel anger and rage to change everything simply by changing themselves. The one that appears more placid is actually infinitely more powerful!

  4. Jack,
    Your point is well put and I understand your thinking.
    Hopefully the day will never come that we’d have to take arms against our government.
    However, when they come to take my trowel away….they’ll get it over the head!
    Best to ya, Gary

  5. The cinderblock planter is one of the old wise tricks. You’d like who first taught me to use them that way – my grandfather. When ever he does anything with blocks (retention wall, garden wall, raised bed, whatever) the top layer of blocks is left open to use for planters. The other good benifit to them for them (besides the isolation from the rest of the bed, and the loewr cost compared to lumber) is when they are tall enough, you have a plantting row that you don’t have to bend over to work on.