Episode-187- Conspiracy Theories Nonsense and Reality — 41 Comments

  1. Jack have these people never heard the story about THE LITTLE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF.As far as death camps and vapor trails sounds like somebody had a bad LSD flashback.As far as CAPITOL HILL i say PINKSLIP PINKSLIP PINKSLIP. They need to remember it is still we the people.

  2. Jack you didn’t waste the show man. We know that people have been harassing you about this stupid stuff man. We understand that you needed to do the show to get them off your back. Great show as always man.


  3. New listener here, I had to comment on this show. I am SO happy to hear someone else who agrees with me on Conspiracy Theories!

    On your questions about airport security: Since 1999 I have been flying over 100,000 miles per year for my job (as a passenger, not a pilot), which means I go through airport security 2+ times each week. And YES, indeed I had carried a box cutter (razor blade knife) onto an airplane before 9/11 — in my previous job we would use them sometimes to cut large sections of paper we used to use for presentations, and haivng them in a carry-on bag was no big deal. And I can assure you that airport security was much more lax pre-9/11 (not that it is good now, but pre-9/11 it was worse).

    Now, AFTER 9/11, a coworker of mine accidentally carried a box cutter AND a can of pepper spray (FOX brand 2 oz can) onto an airplane. I was there at the gate waiting to board when he reached into his laptop bag, turned white and told me what he had accidentally left in his bag. Since we had already made it through security, he just kept it hidden in his bag. He showed me after we landed when we were outside the airport. Yes, he had gone through TSA screening. No, TSA did not detect either item. In fact, here is a pic of a guy (NOT ME) who did the same in 2007: And again, pre-9/11, it was perfectly OK to bring a knife on board.

    My point is, it was eminently possible for the 19 hijackers to get both items on the airplane, ESPECIALLY pre-9/11. Doubt it no longer. The “question” has been answered. Right here. Next!

    As for how our LEOs could have “touched” several of the hijackers before 9/11 without detaining them, well that certainly was a huge gap in Law Enforcement, which includes the FBI and CIA. In fact, like it or not, the Patriot Act’s core purpose was to break down the previous firewall of information sharing between FBI / CIA in order to have a better chance of finding & detaining future terrorists. Yes, yes, Patriot Act went too far, I’m simply saying that the gap you discussed is true and was discovered. It was a serious flaw in Law Enforcement, but again, not evidence of a conspiracy.

    Conspiracy Theorists always have a final response to any evidence that contradicts their theory. The response is that the person presenting the evidence must be one or more of the following:

    1) Stupid
    2) Naive
    3) In on it
    4) Paid off

    I urge everyone, everywhere continue to be skeptical. Skepticism is IMO essential to living to your potential as a human being. But when evidence is presented that counters your claim, have the guts & strength to consider the merits, rather than having a knee-jerk response of “I want my theory to be true, so what factoids can I find that enable me to continue believing it?” That’s called the Scientific Method, folks!

    Well I’m done with my one blog response. Thanks for a great show Jack … and my Nomex is on!

  4. I have a one-word answer for most of the conspiracy theories.


    Pardon my French, but the government couldn’t cover up a break-in at a shitty hotel. How exactly are they going to cover up half of these wild theories?

  5. Listening now, but I can definitely say that pre-9/11 you could take knives on the plane. It varied a little by interpretation of the security checker, but if it was non-serrated and the blade 3″ or less I never had a problem. Leathermen and other multitools with their blades not checked at all. Heck, many airports didn’t x-ray your pocket contents in the little basket, so anything that fit inside a wallet would get through (as I did to get a bigger knife through a few times when I forgot the size limits).

    Mace was theoretically prohibited but I think could probably get through pretty easy hidden in with toiletries, etc.

  6. Thank GOD almighty that someone besides me realizes that aluminum dust plus rust = THERMITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m with you. So tired of these morons who think the Jews carted tons and tons of thermite to the top of the towers and placed it EXACTLY where the planes hit.

    Also, people are too stOOpid to realize that thermite doesn’t cut horizontally. Its TOO HEAVY. It goes downward. If you try to shape it. IT WILL EAT THROUGH THE SHAPING and travel downward.

  7. I disagree with you on one point. I’ve been there to the WTC site and seeing it firsthand SHOULD make anyone understand what happened and the destructive force that was unleashed.

    These conspiracy armchair morons have probably never been on a plane or looked up at a skyscraper.

  8. I kept my promise, I sent a link to your podcast to Aaron Dikes on Alex’s staff. Doubt they will consider it important enough for him to comment on, but it would be a boom for for podcasts. But there are conspiracies, don’t know why people try to give it a bad name. The governemt uses in law ie. “Conspiracy to commit fraud”. There are people are conspiring all the time. The founding fathers conspired against the throne. Just Google the Obama deception on youtube, look for the full length film.

    You ask what are they waiting for to declare martial law and institute martial law. They will do it after they have destroyed the middle class and with 25% unemployment and rioting. Then the people will ask for it, and they will put the people that are on the streets in the camps, which already have congressional funding. Any good show, liked it.

  9. I have a sugestion for a show or just part of one if you haven’t already done. Ask you audience what they have done so far to prepare for a disater or whatever. No one can be completely prepared for everthing, but I am as prepare as one can get.

  10. Thanks for such an entertaining show. You didn’t waste the show. Truth will set you free and truth always wins out.
    About the chem trails, my cousin used to up until last yearDecember fly for the electric company and he seeded the clouds to hopefully get rain. if you look it up, you can see the stuff that they seed the clouds or air with. It used to be published in the farming news section of the laocl newspapers. Simple thinking 9/11 happened. and a lack of comunication between departments hampered actual efforts by some to stop things. I delivered to the towers and their location and heighth made them excellent targets, looking back. If people would just inform themselves about the logical things then they wouldn’t worry about the nonsence. Thanks for the thoughts, keep it coming. I will keep preparing, just like my grandparents prepared, take time to enjoy the day.

  11. Equus Pallidus

    Cool glad you told on me (grin and teasing of course). Seriously the thing is I agree with about 90% of what Jones has to say, I only spoke about what I don’t agree with today, if you listen to my show enough you will find (much as I have to my shock) how much Alex and I have in common. I just don’t believe in Death Camps or a guy that owns a building having the authority to tell the government to blow it up (Building 7), etc.

    As for your show suggestion it is hard to do a show like that because it is sort of a one way affair for the most part but I think you will find the 46 pages of this one thread very interesting.

    This group isn’t one that just talks about stuff, we do indeed take action.

  12. The show did not piss me off. I do not agree with everything you talk about, but I enjoy much of the things that you talk which is why I am still listening. That being seed I truly enjoyed this show You pointed out many of the same things that I am constantly pointing out to others and it is nice to others saying the same things.

    Great Job.

  13. @Vincent,

    You said, “I do not agree with everything you talk about”.

    Thank God! That means you are an intelligent human being with the capacity for individual thought, analysis and judgment.

    THERE IS NO MOCKERY in that statement, it is something I have to say over and over so that as people find the show they continue to understand that you must continue to think for yourself. You take my info and info from any and all other sources and figure out what works best for you and act on that.

  14. Jack,

    I can’t believe they have gotten to you too! Which agency is paying you off??!!?!?!?! NSA, CIA, Bilderberg, Free Masons, or THE JEWS!!!!???? Well, now we know your true colors!!!

    Seriously though, I am almost lock step in line on your take on conspiracies, but my brother is a 99.99% believer and we spent 2 hours out in the garden two weeks ago looking up at contrails and clouds with him trying to tell me all the clouds were chemtrails and I’d point out the contrails and then the clouds and try to explain the difference. I wish he’d have paid more attention in school. On the plus side, it was VERY easy to convince him of the need to start his own garden. 🙂

  15. Jack,
    Great show! I was thoroughly entertained. Especially when you called B.O. an A$$Clown. You’ve been pretty quiet lately about U.S. politics. I was getting concerned that you were drinking Washington’s KoolAid.(Not Really)

  16. New prepping for conspiracy theorists. Today Jack prescribes a course (#187) of “Preparation H” for wild conspiracy theorists. Sounds reasonable to me. Thanks for the show.

  17. Jack, you know damn well that this show wasn’t wasted. Did you say in yesterday’s show that Shannon had suggested it? I can’t remember. In any case – it was a GOOD show, and a good suggestion on her part if it was her idea. I’m on the other side of the fence from you regarding Alex Jones, though. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth (I’m sorry, but how the heck could you trust somebody who thinks there are BASES on the MOON? LOL!) and if he’s proven right on one point or another, (a) I don’t cry about it, and (b) I still don’t believe him. He’s just as much of a fraud as Al Gore, or any of the other morons who are trying to convince the American public to be afraid of the world around them. The public is scared enough as it is, without the wild stories of these dill-holes to rile them up.

  18. No, Jack, this show wasn’t wasted.
    I have never heard Alex Jones, but then, I don’t listen to “talk radio” – can’t seem to find any around here. (Maybe, the government spirited them all away? :^O ;^P) (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    Looking forward to Monday’s show.

  19. I know Equus Pallidus from over on Vox Day’s blog. He’s a good guy from what I’ve been able to glean over the years I’ve been reading his comments. He’s definitely one of the few folks I’d count on in the trenches if it ever came to it.

  20. i realy don’t care what people belive about 9/11.But as a physics major and an engineer, I got a pretty good idea whhat collapsed those buildings.

  21. Equus Pallidus: Glad to see you have a good idea what collapsed the WTC buildings. That ust therefore mean that you agree with the multiple engineers, demolition experts and the NYC Fire Chief said, who agree that it was the two hijacked airplanes that were flown into those buildings that brought them down.

    OK, I admit it: there WAS a conspiracy. Here it is: 19 hijackers CONSPIRED to hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings. Legally, all that “conspiracy” means is that more than one person was in on the atrocity. And that we know to be true.

    For lurkers who want real information and not unfounded tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, please be sure to read Popular Mechanics’ examination of the core 9/11 conspiracy theories, and how they are utterly insipid:

    And listen to the podcast of the same topic which includes the former NYFD Chief who — pre 9/11 — wrote a book on how buildings collapse. He states unequivocally that airplane fuel would indeed have weakened the WTC structures enough to hav brought them down. Listen here:

    And yes I have watched “loose change” in its entirety, including the updated versions. Complete refutations of the assertions in THAT bit of lunacy can be found here:

    I am passionate about this subject because 3,000 people died on 9/11/01. And the completely misguided, unfounded assertions on the part of “9-11 twoofers” makes that atrocity even worse since it distracts from the real root cause of that atrocity, and irresponsibly creates fresh wounds for the survivors and victims’ families.

  22. I think “Equus Pallidus” is really Alex Jones, who is actually a government plant to spread disinformation and hide the real conspiracies!

    Great show Jack! (that line was not sarcastic, I swear).

  23. I was prepared to be mad at Jack because I read Ultio1’s post, and I respect Ultio1. Reading his post, I thought maybe Jack was having a bad day and got a little snappy on people.

    Then I listened to the show. I agree with Jack. (By the way, I find myself agreeing with Jack quite a bit, and that makes me nervous. I never want to be a zombie controlled by someone.)

    His point about there being a real problem there but conspiracy theorists messing up an honest look at it is 100% right, in my opinion. Also, I totally agree with his point about bad things happening (one world government) out in the open; a "conspiracy" is not required. Greedy people who don’t care about freedom are just doing it; no conspiracy required.

    For what it’s worth, I think conspiracy theorists confuse logic with reality. Take the example of a bad government wanting to create a crisis to be an excuse for taking more power. Is that logical? Yes, bad governments would want to do that. But the leap that conspiracy theorists make is that since this is logical, it must be happening in reality.

    Ultio1: I love your posts, especially the thread about you relocating to a full-time bug out location. That was awesome. Please continue to participate in the forum.

  24. @HeavyG,

    Glad you got it bud and don’t worry I will tick you off sooner or later. I also respect Utilio1! I can believe someone has a foolish belief and still respect them.

    There is a man I am hugely respectful of, he is like a brother to me and I would risk my life to defend him. I would trust him with my family, my money and my business. He is a 911 Truther, he really believes the entire conspiracy end to end. He is intelligent, articulate and a better businessman then I am. He also believes the moon landing was a hoax.

    The 911 thing I disagree with but I understand, the moon thing I think is just plain stupid. That man is still like a brother to me and I would never say he is an idiot (as in full time idiocy) but he sure has a few idiotic beliefs and he is being an idiot when he states we never went to the moon.

    I told him last week when we discussed this, “you’re an idiot”, he told me I was an idiot then I bought the next round.

  25. Let’s say you have a choice: An ultra-competent, ultra-hush-hush conspiracy of thousands, or a few unrelated screw-ups by government employees?

    Would that more people lived by Occam’s Razor.

  26. Jack,

    In the previous show you mentioned that you would give your opinion of peak oil during the conspiracy show. I would really like to hear your opinion on this subject. I think it is a scientific fact that we will see a decrease in the amount of oil that can be produced and an increase in the cost of producing it. At the same time demand for oil is increasing exponentially. More cars were sold in China this year than in the US. The cost of oil will have to rise until demand is driven down. I am expecting $6-10 dollar gas in the next 5-10 years. The effect that this will have on the economy will be devastating. I don’t believe the really crazy theories about peak oil but I am concerned and I would like to know your opinion on what to do to prepare for a prolonged global oil shortage.

  27. Well, I agree and disagree. I know you get a lot of questions about the conspiracy stuff, but I dont think you owe anyone an answer. I dont think it was a wasted podcast, but I wish you wouldnt dwell on it any longer. I hear your point of view and I agree for the most part, but I also listen to the views of the conspiracy talk show hosts, and many of the accusations that are made by them are substantial. I read alot, and find many parallels to the subjects that are brought up.

    4 Great books to check out:

    1. Weapons of Mass Deception by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber.
    2. Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein
    3. Family of Secrets by Russ Baker
    4. The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One by William K. Black

    and of course I can go on and on, but the point is that to deny conspiracies happen is foolish, but to get caught up in EVERY conspiracy as if they were all real is just STUPID.

    But what is even stupider is when people hear part of an allegation and because is conspiracy oriented, they lump that person with the UFO enthusiasts and the such.

    One last comment about 9/11. The conspiracy isn’t related to bombs being planted, or if the planes brought down the buildings, or if the terrorists are still alive somewhere. The REAL conspiracy involves WHY the US agencies weren’t capable enough to stop it from happening. It seems the excuse is that incompetence is the key factor. These guys are the proverbial “cream of the crop”, the best, and the brightest, yet when given the opportunities to foil the plans of the would-be terrorists they screwed it all up???? NO WAY! No logic there. Who made the money from the shorts? Why didnt we find out? Why didnt someone get fired for not doing their job? Why was there a Norad drill going on the day of 911 involving the EXACT same scenario as the hijacking? and last but not least, why did bbc report building 7 having collapsed seconds before it did?

    Not that I am a TRUTHER in the context that they present the data, but I do see the potential for a conspiracy that ranks as just as logical as the “incompetence” theory.

    I do understand you point though, Jack. Some of these people do go off the deep end, and being bombarded with emails from them must get tedious, but at the same time, there are still conspiracies that the public has NO CLUE about. They are kept well hidden (like the short sellers).

    Love the show, value your opinion, and can’t wait to hear your pov about the swine flu issues.

  28. Jack, Just wanted to make a comment on Chemtrails. I don\\\’t know if I buy into all the stuff talked about now, BUT in 1953 the U.S. military released clouds of zinc cadmium sulfide gas over Winnipeg, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland, and Leesburg, Virginia. Their intent is to determine how efficiently they could disperse chemical agents. I live in Mpls and this has been admitted by the US Government and lawsuits have been ongoing for decades. So, that shoots a big hole in you therories.

  29. Jack,
    I would comment but you have someone else on here with my name. I did not comment on UFOs !

  30. Jack – you questioned yourself once during this episode, suggesting that you might have wasted an entire episode on the subject. I think you did a great service to your listeners by making your beliefs clear. It helps us understand the sort fo man you are, and frankly to see a more rational view on some of these issues than we might otherwise get. Thanks for taking the time to rant, it was well worth it.

  31. First show I ever listened to. Great show, will definitely subscribe.

    Damn near had a stroke laughing so hard at ‘our Presidents going around acting like an assclown.’

    Brightened up my night, Thanks.

  32. Why are you guys so threatened by Alex Jones and the “conspiracy theory” crowd. It is your right to be naive, but why the hostility?

  33. @Jim, did you listen to the episode? I think Chemtrails are nonsense, I think that world government is real just not hidden. I think Alex is entertaining and right on many issues. I also think he hypes others and if you believe that we are all going to “FEMA death camps” or that American Airlines is cooperating to spray us with chemicals you are way off base.

    However I nor anyone here seems to be “threatened” the is a big difference between thinking a person’s ideas are foolish and being threatened by them. In fact the opinions of such folks are welcome here, welcome and agreed with are not one in the same.

    Alex is cool with me 80% of the time, it is the other 20% that makes me say WTF! I hope you stick around and choose to listen to a different view on a few of these things, more about what can be done at the individual level then what you can be angry about.

  34. Why has most of the United States not heard of SmartGrid?

    With the stimulus bill being passed and smartgrid being put in place (15 billion already spent by the stimulus bill passed by Obama) (look under energy) America is losing its privacy. Smart grid was pushed through the senate by GE and Google ( ) Who are also a part of CFR (Council on foreign Relations) started by David Rockefeller.

    Also IBM is involved who is also apart of CFR. Also Collin Powell is one of the directors of CFR and on one of the board members for the financial backer of Google. Smartgrid ( ) is basically taking our power system and making it digital and “aware”. Smartgrid is capable of transmitting data back and forth along the power lines. Now get this, when you buy a smart appliance it will be able to transmit data of the goods you just purchased to whomever by way of micro RFID tags which will be embedded into the product or its packaging. Its just getting the public to switch over by taxes on electricity and such for people to accept the energystar
    line of goods.

    Also in my own state enhanced I.D.s are already being used. Enhanced I.D.s
    contain RFID chips ( )and use biometric identification to “help” process people faster at border crossings. The way the biometric identification works is they scan your face and then insert the data into a national database making you identifiable at any
    major intersection that has a camera or RFID scanner.

    It seems that America is not mentioned in the Bible with end time prophecy. You know why? Cause “America” will not exist or anything of the past idea of what America was.