Complete Your Bitcoin Payment for MSB Access

Please use the button below to complete your purchase of Member’s Support Brigade Access for a one year term via bitcoin.

The button below will automatically convert your MSB Price of 50 dollars to the current value in bitcoin.  Once we have received your bitcoin payment we will set up your account and email your login credentials to you.

Pay With Bitcoin

7 Responses to Complete Your Bitcoin Payment for MSB Access

  1. Landon Fontenot

    Military veteran who learned about you through a fellow listener. I’m eager to learn and teach others. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

  2. I would like to send bitcoin to join the MSB but “This button could not be generated” on the page. Is this still an option?

    • Modern Survival

      Email me and I will just give you a wallet to send it to jack at the survival podcast dot com

      • This is amazing because I’ve never used this whole bitcoin ‘thing’…and I’m definitely intriguiged to learn as much as possible from The Survival Podcast…and it’s recommended channels and links.
        So I will see how this works now..?

  3. Hi Jack,

    I would like to join the MSB and pay w/Bitcoin.


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